Travel Channel: The Alaska Triangle terrifies with evil ghosts and UFOs

Photo: GI of Douglas C-54 flying into vortex.. The Alaska Triangle.. Image Courtesy Travel Channel
Photo: GI of Douglas C-54 flying into vortex.. The Alaska Triangle.. Image Courtesy Travel Channel /

Travel Channel introduces us to The Alaska Triangle in a brand-new series. Could this area be more terrifying than The Bermuda Triangle?

The Alaska Triangle may not be as well-known as the internationally famous, Bermuda Triangle but it may be more terrifying. Travel Channel’s new series focuses on this area which is the center of many strange occurrences.

From Juneau in the southeast to Yakutat to the Barrow Mountain range and extending into Anchorage, this frightening anomaly is responsible for most of the disappearances in the United States. What exactly goes on in this mysterious land?

For years there have been many reports of odd creatures being sighted along with UFOs and even evil intentioned spirits. By all accounts, it sounds like a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Could there be an electromagnetic disturbance behind these events? What about ley lines which are thought to conduct supernatural energy? Lake Titicaca in Peru is the beginning of one of the longest ley lines on earth and ends in Alaska. So, what does this mean?

It could explain why there are many baffling experiences occurring within the Triangle like missing airplanes. Each episode of the show will attempt to unravel those mysteries.

On the series premiere, “The Secrets of Mount Hayes” will feature a UFO hunter who will attempt to locate a hidden alien base. Also, an eyewitness will reveal their footage of otherworldly activity taking place in Fairbanks.

The following week, the legendary cryptid, Bigfoot will be explored along with the idea of the Triangle being a powerful vortex.

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The Alaska Triangle premieres on Travel Channel, Sunday, Feb. 9 at 10 p.m.

Have you heard of The Alaska Triangle? Are you a believer in paranormal experiences? Let us know in the comments.