Ash vs Evil Dead: Nick Bassett’s futuristic Season 4 concept art

Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ
Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead.. Image Courtesy Matt Klitscher/STARZ /

Ash vs Evil Dead may be over but it lives on in Production Designer Nick Bassett’s Blade Runner inspired concept art.

Ash vs Evil Dead has been off the air for almost two years. However, the series is still beloved. If you take a look at many of the numerous fan sites, there are various discussions about the direction the show would have taken had it been renewed for Season 4.

Bruce Campbell confirmed last year at many of his convention appearances that it would have been cool to have Ash in the future with the Ghostbeaters. Thanks to Deadites Online, followers of the groovy defunct show may have their dreams realized.

The site posted Season 4 concept art from Production Designer, Nick Bassett’s online portfolio. Judging from the pictures, Ash vs Evil Dead was going to take its cues from Blade Runner. Think saturated reds and blues and you have the idea.

To see Bassett’s vision of a hi-tech world where the Dark Ones are on the move, click on this link. If Season 4 would have happened, the production value would have definitely been in Outlander territory with the expansiveness of the sets.

Apparently, the Knights of Sumeria created a mass production line operation similar to Motor City automobile factories. Except this one churns out Mad Max, souped up Delta 88 “Classics” outfitted with battle gear kits. We also get a glimpse of android bodies waiting to be programmed as sidekicks like Lexx.

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Not only does the concept art remind one of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner but it also borrows from Total Recall (Paul Verhoeven’s film) and I, Robot as well. Another interesting scene depicted is rows of gun “bunkers” which are very similar to the old World War II turrets that are still standing on California’s coast. Even in this state-of-the-art dystopian world the Deadites remain an ever-present threat.

Ash’s new “crash pad” has no waterbed in sight. Yes, the neon Shemp’s sign still hangs on the wall but he has been upgraded to digs that are akin to a modern fortress with space-age furniture from Kubrick’s 2001.

It would also appear as if Ash has gone back to the castle from Army of Darkness as well with the Knights of Sumeria because he is standing in a tomb wearing a full set of armor. Would they have used the rift to travel back in time to the Middle Ages again? For what purpose?

Season 4 would have definitely been epic according to Nick Bassett’s renderings. However, all is not lost. We do know that another Evil Dead movie is on the way.

Limited details exist, there is a script and a director but not much else is known. Perhaps, fans will get their wish someday and those Season 4 concepts can be integrated onto the big screen.

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What would the future have been like for Ash and the Ghostbeaters if Ash vs Evil Dead would have been renewed for Season 4? Let us know in the comments.