Tell Me a Story Season 2, Episode 9: 5 Key moments

"Favorite Son" -- Ep #209 -- Pictured (l-r): Paul Wesley as Tucker; Odette Annable as Maddie; of the CBS All Access series TELL ME A STORY. Photo Cr: Connie Chornuk/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
"Favorite Son" -- Ep #209 -- Pictured (l-r): Paul Wesley as Tucker; Odette Annable as Maddie; of the CBS All Access series TELL ME A STORY. Photo Cr: Connie Chornuk/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Tell Me a Story’s latest episode is filled with twists and turns. Make sure to buckle up before diving into these five key moments!

We’re so close to the finale of Tell Me a Story and the show still hasn’t let up on twists and turns! “Favorite Sons” gives us one more body to add to the count, a new character up to no good and some answers to earlier-season questions. This episode definitely sets us up for a wild finale.

Maddie finds herself chained up with Tucker

Our episode begins with a confrontation between Olivia and Maddie. Our ex-abductee shares that she was kidnapped by Tucker. Before we get too much of a response from Maddie, a noise is heard from the basement — grabbing Maddie’s attention. With a kitchen knife in hand, Maddie tells Olivia to take her to Tucker.

Once the two reach the basement, Olivia tosses her down the stairs and follows this move up by knocking her out with a paint bucket. After waking up, Maddie finds herself chained next to Tucker.

After hearing what he’s done, it’s clear that Maddie is now afraid of her ex-fiance. However, in order to be free from Olivia’s grasp, the two must work together to get out of the chains. In a scene that forced me to look away, Maddie listens to Tucker and breaks his thumb so that he can slide out of his restraints.

Tell Me a Story
“Favorite Son” — Ep #209 — Pictured (l-r): Natalie Alyn Lind as Ashley; Eka Darville as Beau of the CBS All Access series TELL ME A STORY. Photo Cr: Connie Chornuk/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

An arrest has finally been made

Thankfully, after Beau’s hit-and-run incident last week, our dashing security guard makes his return. Unfortunately, his mental state isn’t top-notch, and he finds himself suffering from nightmares of Ashley Rose being killed.

Ashley Rose, on the other hand, is having a press conference announcing her return to the Nashville music scene. She tells her audience that the last few months have changed her and that she’s ready to return to the basics and be more intimate with her music. She also gives a shout-out thanking her security team, that leaves Beau looking uncomfortable.

Beau’s ready to throw in the towel and tells Detective Roberts that he can’t keep Ashley safe. Detective Roberts gives him the good news: Taylor, Dylan Young’s girlfriend, sent in a tip that led to her neighbor’s arrest. This provides Beau with a sense of relief and leads to a celebration between Beauty and the Beast.

Of course, us viewers know that Taylor is the true anti-Ashley Rose. Things are bound to go awry in the season finale at Ashley Rose’s return concert.

Tucker answers Olivia’s question: Why Maddie?

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Ever since the tables have turned, Olivia keeps asking Tucker one question: Why Maddie? Her appearance is very similar to his abductee and sister, yet he chose to love Maddie instead of kidnapping her. In “Favorite Son” Tucker finally answers: Maddie saved him.

He claims that on the day Maddie and he met, he was in a dark place and preparing to drown himself. Maddie greets him and tells him that it’s a beautiful day.

During his story, Tucker says that it was, in fact, not a beautiful day; the skies were overcast. But Maddie’s bright comment, made Tucker realize that he wanted to see the world through her eyes.

Tucker’s confession of admiration for Maddie comes at a time when she clearly doesn’t want to hear it; leading her into more of a sobbing mess than she already was. If the two manage to make it out of alive, will Maddie end up forgiving Tucker for his sociopathic actions?

Who exactly is Jackson’s new sponsor?

Last week’s episode, we see Jackson Pruitt cleaning his act up and heading to an AA meeting. We continue his journey of recovery in the latest episode, “Favorite Son.” It appears that Jackson has made a new friend in Donna, another AA attendee. However, Donna soon admits that she already knew who Jackson was and that she was a friend of his father’s. She then offers to be his sponsor, which he accepts.

Of course, it’s difficult to trust anyone in the Tell Me a Story universe. After returning home, Donna is greeted by Taylor — who, surprise! Turns out to be her daughter. Both Donna’s AA appearance and attempts at getting close to Jackson is a ploy to help get backstage tickets for whatever Taylor has planned against Ashley Rose.

We finally get answers to Frank’s death.

It’s the penultimate episode and we finally discover who killed Frank, Simone’s father. After meeting up with Derek to tell him what happened, he tells her that he lied about being with Ron on the day that Cora died. He then poses the idea of going to the cops to tell them the truth.

Simone decides that, instead, the two should find evidence to take to the police. This leads to them sneaking into the Garlands’ house while Ron is out. During her investigation of Ron’s room, Simone discovers Cora’s jewelry in a vent; clear evidence against the Garland son.

However, not all is as it seems. Later, Ron returns home intoxicated and spills to his twin that he’s made some mistakes. He believes Veronica is trying to pin the blame on him, so now he wants to report her to the police. In a shocking twist, Derek pulls out a gun on the other and we discover that it was actually Derek behind the murder. After telling his brother the reasoning — basically a means to stick up for Veronica — he shoots Ron in the head.

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Make sure to catch the season finale of Tell Me a Story next Thursday on CBS All Access!