Who or what is The Outsider? Holly Gibney is on the case

Photo: Cynthia Erivo in The Outsider.. Image Courtesy Bob Mahoney/HBO
Photo: Cynthia Erivo in The Outsider.. Image Courtesy Bob Mahoney/HBO /

In this week’s episode of The Outsider, the titular character continues to destroy entire families. Holly Gibney may have a lead.

Last week we were introduced to Holly Gibney. Although, she’s a bit different than fans of Mr. Mercedes are used to. In Mr. Mercedes, she is played by Justine Lupe, where as in The Outsider she is portrayed by Cynthia Erivo.

Even though I knew the character appeared in both stories, I was hoping the same actress would be in both shows. However, that was not to be. Instead of a Stephen King universe we ended up with a Stephen King multiverse.

Also, last week Jack Hoskins is brought back from vacation early to investigate a similar murder where Terry Maitland’s DNA was found. Everyone knows that it wasn’t Maitland, because he was already dead.

Meanwhile Terry’s youngest daughter has a message for Anderson from a mysterious source. Holly Gibney is called upon to investigate the discrepancies in the case.

In another state, a man is convicted of the same crime involving two little girls. Before he can be beaten in prison he kills himself with a sharpened lens from his glasses.

A woman in New York is in jail for killing a boy. Holly eventually meets with the mother of the accused and learns of an ancient myth, El Coco, which is a type of boogeyman.

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Finally, Holly discovers something all the accused have in common. They have all been scratched. Is there some kind of viral contagion at play or is there more to the story of El Coco than just mere myth?

As the mystery deepens how many more families will The Outsider change forever? One of the most compelling and heart-breaking moments of this week’s episode is how awful some people in the town treat the remaining Maitland family.

Terry Maitland was never found guilty but everyone in town treats his family as if he was. I guess that is fitting for today’s society where so many people are ready to throw someone under the bus without waiting for a guilty verdict.

Until next week residents of Elm Street, try not to get scratched.

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