Everything we know about Sarah Paulson’s new thriller Run

Photo: Run.. Image Courtesy Allen Fraser, Lionsgate
Photo: Run.. Image Courtesy Allen Fraser, Lionsgate /

Sarah Paulson gets to play her own twisted version of Mommie dearest in this creep new Mother’s Day thriller. Find out everything we know about Run so far.

Are you looking for the perfect movie to treat your mom on Mother’s Day? Sarah Paulson‘s new intimate thriller, Run, should be the ideal fit for you. The film stars Paulson and introduces a new actress in Hollywood in Kiera Allen. The following list takes a look at everything we know so far about the movie.

Aneesh Caganty of Searching fame wrote and directed it

If you enjoyed the John Cho-led Searching — the trippy thriller told entirely through social media and webcams — then you should definitely be excited for Run. Caganty returns for another intense thriller. While this movie is not told through technology like Searching, it is somewhat similar in style. The majority of Run will take place in one setting, the home of Diane and Chloe Sherman.

Sarah Paulson gets to play a Mommie Dearest-type character

The trailer and logline for the film don’t give away much about the plot. All we know is that a homeschooled young girl begins to think her mom is keeping a dark secret from her. But the trailer indicates that Paulson’s character, Diane Sherman, is obsessive about keeping her daughter safe. It seems to allude to the fact Chloe had a difficult birth.

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She is bound to a wheelchair, and Diane looks to be overbearing and potentially violent, at times, toward her daughter. The set-up reminded me of the twisted mother-daughter relationship in last year’s Ma.

Photo: Run key art. Image Courtesy Lionsgate /

Kiera Allen uses a wheelchair in real life

Not only is this Allen’s first film, but she does use a wheelchair in real-life. The young actress spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the movie, revealing what it was like for her to work with Paulson and how happy she is about the overall experience.

According to the actress, she is potentially starring in the “first studio movie ever starring a wheelchair user.”

However, she also acknowledged that Caganty never made her feel like he cast her just to be inclusive.

“But the more exciting thing for me was just the character and the story, and to be able to play a part that was really about the character and not about the disability. And it was written so richly, and with such specificity and detail, which really gave me a lot to play with,” said the actress during the interview.

Check out the chilling trailer below for yourself:

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What do you think about Run? Are you planning to see the movie in theaters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Run will hit theaters on May 8, 2020.