Dark Shadows: Meet the Collins Family now streaming on Hulu

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: Sample of Kathryn Leigh Scott's book at Barnes & Noble, 86th & Lexington on April 3, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: Sample of Kathryn Leigh Scott's book at Barnes & Noble, 86th & Lexington on April 3, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

Hulu is streaming 28 seasons of the spooky Dark Shadows TV series. Meet the Collins family while waiting for the Dark Shadows sequel series currently in development.

The original Dark Shadows tv series ran from 1966 to 1971 and is a soap opera with monsters. I loved the show, and I watched it with my grandmother every day after General Hospital. Almost six decades later, soap operas are still popular. There is something about the over-the-top melodramatic acting that is addictive.

I never could get into General Hospital or As The World Turns, but I loved Dark Shadows because it had monsters as well as tons of paranormal activity throughout the series. So, it was great news to hear that there might be a sequel series coming out. Dark Shadows was trendy when I was growing up, and if you love the paranormal and monsters, then you will love this series.

What if you haven’t watched Dark Shadows? No problem, as Hulu is streaming 28 seasons of the original series as well as two movies. Let’s meet the Collins family and learn about their terrible family secret.

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The series takes place at the ancestral mansion of Collinwood located in Collinsport, Maine. The Matriarch of the Collins family is Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard (Joan Bennett), who is sister to Roger Collins (Louis Edmonds).

Elizabeth also has a daughter, Carolyn Stoddard (Nancy Barrett). Elizabeth senses that there is something supernatural going on in her home, but she can’t quite figure it out.

Roger Collins is a widower and businessman who is absent a lot, so he hires Victoria Winters (Alexandra Isles) to look after his son, David Collins (David Henesy). Victoria accepts the job because she is searching for knowledge about her family.

Our anti-hero of the story is Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid), who was cursed by a jealous witch Angelique (Lara Parker). She killed Barnabas’ true love, Josette (Mary Cooper), and curses Barnabas to be a creature of the night. The dreaded Vampire. Barnabas is a 175-years-old and is an ancestor to the current family members, but tells them he is a distant cousin. Dr. Julia Hoffman (Grayson Hall) discovers Barnabas when invited to move into Collinwood.

Dr. Hoffman is head of the Windcliff Sanitarium and is a Doctor of Psychology and rare blood diseases. So, you know she is going to love Barnabas.

The last major character is Quentin Collins (David Selby) who is younger than Barnabas, but older than Elizabeth and Roger. Quentin is from the 1800s and was cursed by a gypsy for his cruelty to his wife, Jenny Collins. The gypsy who was Jenny’s sister cursed Quentin to roam the land as a Werewolf.

Dark Shadows series chronicles the trials and tribulations of the Collins family as they deal with the supernatural and family curses in their everyday lives.

The atmosphere is dark and spooky, and the acting is melodramatic, but the story is original and is thrilling to watch.

Take a look at the trailer for the very first episode below.

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