The Grudge DVD and Blu-ray to contain an alternate ending

Lin Shaye and Tara Westwood in Screen Gems' THE GRUDGE.
Lin Shaye and Tara Westwood in Screen Gems' THE GRUDGE. /

The Grudge is arriving on digital, DVD, and Blu-ray next month. The release will include an alternate ending for those who are interested.

The latest remake of The Grudge may have film by critics and received a rare ‘F’ from CinemaScore, but most movies still cultivate some fans regardless of critical scores. For those who did enjoy it and would like to own the movie, it will be arriving on digital, DVD, and Blu-ray next month.

Producer Sam Raimi returned to the franchise to tell a new story of a “grudge” that haunts all those who come in contact with it. This time, the curse begins in Japan and then travels to the United States, where it weaves between multiple characters across an alternating timeline.

Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, and Betty Gilpin, Lin Shaye, and Jacki Weaver star.

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It will officially be available to purchase through digital retailers beginning on March 10 and then on DVD and Blu-ray on March 24. However, the film is already available to pre-order through your preferred format on Amazon. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get the Prime Price Guarantee to secure the lowest possible price.

In addition to the theatrical cut of the film, The Grudge will also contain several bonus features.

  • “The Cast of the Cursed” featurette — Writer and director Nicolas Pesce, key creatives, and cast members discuss the creepy house at 44 Reyburn Drive
  • “Designing Death” featurette — Learn about the makeup and visual effects process of the movie
  • “Easter Egg Haunt” featurette — Pesce dives into the Easter Eggs that were  hidden in the film to pay homage to the previous films in the franchise
  • Extended Scenes & Alternate Ending — Check out the scenes that didn’t make the final cut and a different ending from the theatrical cut

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What did you think about The Grudge in theaters? What other horror movies are you waiting to be released on digital, DVD, and Blu-ray? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Grudge will release digitally on Mar. 10 and on DVD/Blu-ray on Mar. 24.