Women in Horror: 5 A-List actresses who got their start in horror films

Amy Adams in “The Woman In The Window.” Image Courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox
Amy Adams in “The Woman In The Window.” Image Courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox /
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(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images) /

One of the unique things about horror movies is that they rarely rely on star-power to get fans in seats. But that doesn’t mean the genre hasn’t had some big names cross its path. Here are five A-List actresses you might be surprised to learn got their start in horror movies.

Women in Horror Month is almost over, and it’s been a good one. From the best female characters on television to five females who fought back, we’ve been highlighting all of the incredible characters who continue to inspire horror fans everywhere. But today, we’re doing something a little different. In this list, we’re celebrating some of Hollywood’s biggest A-List stars by looking at the horror films that helped kick off their careers.

5. Amy Adams – Psycho Beach Party

Most people know Amy Adams as an A-List power-house who brings incredible depth to any role she takes on. With memorable performances in movies like Man of Steel, Doubt and Arrival, Adams has proven that no matter the genre, she’ll deliver a performance you won’t soon forget. But while most people will point to her breakout role in Stephen Spielberg’s 2002 crime drama Catch Me if You Can as their first experience with Adam’s work, she actually got one of her first breaks in a funky little throwback horror comedy called Psycho Beach Party.

In Psycho Beach Party, Adams plays Marvel Ann, a beach-loving bombshell who gets caught up in a murder mystery fiasco when her friend Clicklet (played by Lauren Ambrose of Six Feet Under fame) starts acting strangely. Turns out, there might be more to Chicklet than a beautiful beach body and a desire to hang ten.

Based on the off-Broadway play of the same name, Psycho Beach Party is a zany little love letter to 60s surfer movies, and Adams brings all her skills from her background on the stage to this wonderfully over-the-top role.

You can watch Psycho Beach Party  on You Tube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, VUDU and iTunes.