Eye screams: The top 5 most gruesome eye gore in horror films

Photo: Ted Raimi ("Possessed Henrietta") stars in EVIL DEAD 2.. Image Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment
Photo: Ted Raimi ("Possessed Henrietta") stars in EVIL DEAD 2.. Image Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment /

Not many people enjoy watching people get their eyes poked and prodded in horror movies. We’re looking at the five most gruesome “eye screams” in horror films.

Do you cringe and squirm every time you’re watching a movie or an episode of television, and suddenly someone gets dangerously close to losing an eye? Especially if the moment involves a needle, shard of glass, or any other manner of horrific eye-involved terror? The following list details some of the most gruesome “eye screams” in horror film history.

5. Saw II

The Magnum Eyehole trap introduced in Saw II has chilled many people to the bone since its inception. The Final Destination films made people afraid of tanning beds and driving behind trucks full of logs, but Saw II made people afraid of looking into peepholes. I don’t know about you, but I still think I’m going to see a gun staring back at me when I look out of mine.

4. Evil Dead

The Evil Dead franchise actually has several eye screams. In the first movie, there is a disgusting moment where Ash ruptures a Deadite’s eyes, and we’re privy to all the goo that pours out. Ick. The second movie goes even further by shooting an eyeball into someone’s mouth. Ugh.

Then in the 2013 remake, there is a scene where one of the characters gets a hypodermic needle shoved into the skin just beneath his eye. It’s not technically in his eyeball, but we still get an extreme close-up of him pulling it out. I’m still shuddering as I type this out.

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3. Final Destination 5

We briefly mentioned a few fears manifested by the Final Destination films above, but for those of you with fear of eye damage or close-ups of eyeballs, then you should probably skip the laser eye surgery scene in Final Destination 5.

Olivia goes to get her surgery and the laser malfunctions, burning her eye and her hand. She then trips and falls out a window, and her eye pops out of its socket!

2. A Clockwork Orange

We definitely couldn’t have completed this list without putting the famous eye clamp scene from A Clockwork Orange on this list. It’s the go-to scene when you’re talking about stuff surrounding anything to do with eyes, especially if eye clamps are used in any capacity.

The character Alex has his eyes forced open while injected with different drugs and made to watch movies as part of a twisted form of “therapy.”

1. Hostel

You know what scene we’re talking about, and it is arguably one of the most disgusting and brutal moments, at least pertaining specifically to eyeballs, in horror history. Near the end of the first Hostel, poor Kana is tortured by taking a blowtorch to her eye.

By the time Paxton finds her, the eye is falling out of its socket. I won’t go into too much detail, but Paxton has to help her remove the eye, and the result is somehow even grosser. Roth took the concept of an “eye scream” moment and upped the ante to the maximum.

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What “eye screams” scarred you the most? Any on this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.