Review: Is True Terror with Robert Englund worth watching? You bet!


True Terror with Robert Englund is a haunting new Travel Channel series featuring frightening tales ripped from newspaper headlines from the past. Is it worth watching? You bet!

We have been anticipating True Terror with Robert Englund ever since Travel Channel announced the series in April 2019. The show centers around frightening tales ripped from newspaper headlines of yesteryear.

So, imagine our excitement when we got the chance to review it prior to the premiere on March 18. If you have been on the fence about watching, let us reassure you that True Terror is definitely worth your time.

First of all, let’s talk about Robert Englund as the host. Honestly, we can’t imagine anyone else in front of the camera. For those of you that know a little bit about the actor’s background, he did Shakespeare on stage for many years, prior to his screen debut in Buster and Billie in 1974.

This theatricality serves him well. It also helps that he appears to be standing in front of The Exorcist house like Father Merrin which only adds to the creepy atmosphere.

He is definitely channeling Rod Serling and Vincent Price as he segues from segment to segment. Englund is a compelling storyteller. You can’t help but be mesmerized as he sets up the action. His presence is the heart and soul of True Terror.

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The first episode, “Twisted Relationship” deals with the delicate balance between life and death. Or as our host refers to it as the “grey area.” Each segment, “See You in Six Weeks,” “Dead Enough to Bury” and “Graveyard Shift” deals with premonitions of untimely demises. Can we really see how and when our lives will end?

Fear of the Unknown” is the second episode and deals with monsters of the frontier. We learn about the first known recorded encounter with Bigfoot which was featured in President Theodore Roosevelt’s book, “The Wilderness Hunter.” Also highlighted are stories of the flying lizard of Arizona and the demons in the woods of Big Beaver Township, Pennsylvania.

What makes True Terror with Robert Englund thoroughly enjoyable is the re-enactments of the various newspaper stories. The scripts are well-written and the actors are very believable. You can really relate to the characters which makes the segments even more impactful, horrific and potent.

Watch True Terror with Robert Englund when it debuts on Travel Channel, Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. 

Will you be tuning into True Terror with Robert Englund? Let us know in the comments.