Robert Englund believes more than one 1428 Elm house exists (Exclusive)

Robert Englund revealed to us during our exclusive interview that there may be more than one 1428 Elm. Let the nightmares begin…

Robert Englund clued us in on a bit of trivia concerning the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. During our exclusive interview with the icon to promote his new Travel Channel series, True Terror, he recounted an incident that occurred when he was filming Freddy vs Jason in Vancouver, Canada.

The actor was scheduled to meet Jason Ritter and Kelly Rowland at the Nightmare House in an upscale suburb in the city. He was accompanied by the set decorator and the assistant director of the production.

They were driving down a beautiful, tree lined street. When the car stopped, it was in front of a house that looked exactly like 1428 Elm from the original movie. Which Freddy Krueger fans know is located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

At first, Englund was dumbfounded. It was incredible how much the dwelling looked like Nancy’s home. He turned to the set decorator and told her to tell her art department that “Robert says you did a great job. It looks just like the house we used in the movie.”

Now, the AD was matter of fact in his response to the actor telling him that they didn’t do anything to the location. Nothing was altered to make the abode resemble the original dwelling.

If there is an exact replica of 1428 Elm in Vancouver, could there be other duplicates in other cities? Here is what Robert Englund believes. He thinks that the architect that created both homes is the same individual that built the Sunset location.

For Englund, the logical conclusion is that must have been a particular model that the builder had and he must have built more than one 1428 Elm. This news isn’t anything to lose sleep over, right?

You can catch Robert Englund tonight at 10 p.m. on Travel Channel on his new series, True Terror.

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