Everything we noticed in The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 trailer

Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: The Last Kids on Earth.. Courtesy Netflix /

The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 animated series will be returning to Netflix on Apr. 17. Here is everything we noticed in the trailer that dropped yesterday.

The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 is returning to Netflix on Apr. 17. Max Brallier’s bestselling youth series has become a highly engaging animated show. Featuring the vocal talents of Nick Wolfhard, Montse Hernandez, Garland Whitt and Charles Demers as the group of friends who band together to fight monsters and zombies after the Apocalypse.

Book 1 which premiered last September introduced us to Jack Sullivan (Wolfhard), his nerdy science loving bestie, Quint (Whitt), the former middle school bully, Dirk (Demers) and Jack’s crush, June (Hernandez). Together they defeated the fearsome monster, Blarg.

In the new trailer, the team finds themselves on an adventure at the local mall which is interrupted by a gigantic worm creature and the undead. Then they meet a new entity, Thrull (voiced by veteran actor Keith David) who introduces them to an entire community of aliens who have made their headquarters at the local pizza joint.

Thrull presents them with the Bestiary which will be their ultimate quest. While we watched the promo, we couldn’t help but notice certain parallels to other horror franchises. Here is what we found.

Homage to George A. Romero

It is quite obvious when the gang is hanging out at the galleria that Brallier has managed to pay homage to one of his favorite George A. Romero films, Dawn of the Dead. In that particular production, a group of people seek shelter in a mall to protect them from zombies.

Of course, they break in to the facility. The same thing happens to Jack and his friends who are bombarded with the undead and a huge alien worm.

The Bestiary vs The Necronomicon

Another nod to a favorite Brallier flick, Evil Dead is also included in the trailer with the introduction of the Bestiary. Even the appearance of the book is very much like that troublesome tome from Sam Raimi’s trilogy.

One can’t help but think of the Necronomicon when Thrull gives Jack the Bestiary. Where Raimi’s supernatural edition is designed to conjure up the dark ones, Brallier’s book is the only thing that can stop the pending monster danger.

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Netflix’s The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 also features the voices of Mark Hamill, Catherine O’Hara, Bruce Campbell and Rosario Dawson.

What did you think of The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 trailer? Let us know if you agree with our observations in the comments.