What in the fresh hell is happening with Resident Evil??

Resident Evil 3. Image Courtesy Capcom
Resident Evil 3. Image Courtesy Capcom /

Capcom has kept themselves busy with the “Resident Evil” franchise and with rumors on “Resident Evil 8” and an “RE4” remake, there isn’t an end in sight.

Capcom has been hitting hard ever since they came out with the home run Resident Evil 2 remake. In terms of game remakes as a whole, it was one of the best out there (although there are a lot of amazing contenders from the past year giving it a run for its money).

They jumped on that remake wave with Resident Evil 3. I was extremely excited for this one in particular. As a huge RE fan, I have been playing this franchise since I was 9 years old.

While I didn’t play a lot of RE2 as a wee youngster, I remember getting RE3: Nemesis. I still have the original copy. While Resident Evil 3 didn’t hit as hard as we hoped, it seems that Capcom isn’t done. But what the hell is happening with the Resident Evil franchise?

First came the rumors and whispers of Resident Evil 8. RE7: Biohazard changed the game quite literally making this third-person horror into a truly scary first-person experience. While there were bits of Umbrella lore thrown in and our first glimpse at the beginning of the redesigned character models, it was a far cry from RE games of the past but we loved it. According to BioHazardCast.com, Resident Evil 8 is gearing more toward the supernatural focusing on an insect loving witch and the remodeled Chris Redfield.

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The title is rumored to be called Resident Evil: Village and everything from Ethan Winters returning to a castle (smaller than that of RE4), medieval themes and zombies in knight’s armor and swinging swords is on the table. There is also talk of it being available for both PS4 and PS5 as well as PSVR compatible.

If these rumors are true, saying it is a big separation from RE games of yore is an understatement. This can either be incredible or really, really bad. I’m not sure there is going to be an in between for this one and it is reportedly coming as early as next year.

But wait…there’s more! Not only is Resident Evil 8 swirling in the rumor mill, but a Resident Evil 4 remake has been rumored to be headed to your eyeballs come 2022. According to VGC, their sources revealed that a Resident Evil 4 remake has been in the works by the M-Two studio since 2018.

This leads me to the question…do we NEED a remake of RE 4? While I am loving the resurrection of my most favorite game franchise in the world, I would argue there are other games that need a remake instead of RE4. First of which would be Resident Evil, the OG.

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Yes, the game had a overhaul in its earlier remastering, but can you imagine sneaking around the Spencer Mansion with the new Jill character model? We’d actually get to see Wesker! I can’t be the only one who wants to see Albert Wesker in super HD. If not Resident Evil, what about RE0 or Code Veronica?

I just don’t know what to think about all of this. Am I happy to have more new Resident Evil games to play for the two years? Heck, yes I am but I am really torn. There’s a risk with all of these remakes, especially a RE4 remake.

That game is one of the most important games in video game history. Not only did it change the face of all subsequent RE games, but it changed horror games as a whole and it’s not really that old.

RE4 holds up well in gameplay and graphics. I have so much conflicting emotion on this that it was hard to write about, honestly. I want to see my favorite games made prettier with better controls but I am afraid to have their memory ruined by Capcom riding on the coattails of their previous successes and failing. I’m crossing my fingers over here.

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What do you think of these Resident Evil rumors? Let us know in the comments!