David Gordon Green takes us to hell on HBO with Pinhead

David Gordon Green has such sights to show us as he brings Pinhead to HBO in a Hellraiser series penned by Mark Verheiden and Michael Dougherty.

David Gordon Green is one of the forces behind the reinvigoration of the Halloween franchise. With two more movies in the pipeline, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, now, the director is attached to another famous horror dynasty.

Deadline announced yesterday that Green will be part of the team behind a Hellraiser television series which HBO has given the go ahead to develop. Former Swamp Thing and Ash vs Evil Dead executive producer, Mark Verheiden is also on board and will be penning episodes with Michael Dougherty.

This venture has been in the works since last June. The vision instead of a remake is to continue the saga of the Lamentation Configuration with the Cenobites.

Yes, Pinhead will more than likely make an appearance. However, no news as to who will play the iconic sadist. Although fans would probably enjoy seeing Doug Bradley inhabit the role again.

All of the talent attached to this project have pedigrees in the horror genre. This definitely could spell future success for the show. After all, HBO has set a precedent for terrifying audiences with True Blood that lasted for seven seasons, Stephen King’s The Outsider and Carnivale.

With the industry at a standstill with movie and television productions and since this information was just made public a day ago, audiences probably won’t see the series until 2021.

Expect more news to be forthcoming on Hellraiser in the future when the COVID-19 quarantine has been officially lifted. 

Are you looking forward to David Gordon Green being behind Hellraiser? Do you want Doug Bradley to return as Pinhead or Paul T. Taylor? Let us know in the comments.