Finally, Furya: Vin Diesel announces Riddick 4 is on the horizon

Bloodshot (Vin Diesel) in Columbia Pictures' BLOODSHOT.
Bloodshot (Vin Diesel) in Columbia Pictures' BLOODSHOT. /

Vin Diesel announced that the latest Riddick 4 script is on the horizon on Instagram. Does that mean a return to Furya could be happening in the very near future?

Vin Diesel took to Instagram on May 1 to let fans know with a funny video that the latest script for Riddick 4 is on the way and should be arriving this week. We have been hearing for quite some time that production was supposed to start this year.

However, COVID-19 hit and changed quite a few shooting schedules in Hollywood. Furya was announced three years ago according to IMDb and it seems as if Diesel and crew are currently in the development phase of the process.

It was nine years between The Chronicles of Riddick to Riddick in 2013. Lovers of the franchise are understandably getting antsy and wanting to see their favorite character on screen again.

Hard to believe that the original film that started it all, Pitch Black arrived in theaters two decades ago. David Twohy will be returning to write and direct the upcoming installment.

Both Twohy and Diesel felt like there were two more stories left to tell in the franchise. One would deal with Riddick’s homeland of Furya and the other would deal with the Underverse. What sort of quests will Riddick have to go on in order to find his way home again?

Hopefully, another draft of the script could mean that once everything reverts to normal, maybe the wheels will be in motion to fast track the film. At this point, unless we receive official word from Vin Diesel, everything is just speculation.

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Until Riddick 4: Furya hits the silver screen, you can watch Diesel in Bloodshot on VUDU and Amazon Prime.

Are you a Vin Diesel fan? Do you like the Riddick series? What do you want to see in Furya? Let us know in the comments.