Bruce Campbell talks Bermuda Triangle and more on Josh Gates Tonight

Bruce Campbell (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Bruce Campbell (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /

Bruce Campbell appeared on Josh Gates Tonight on the Discovery Channel talking about the Bermuda Triangle and his future plans.

Bruce Campbell appeared live from his home office in Southern Oregon on Josh Gates Tonight. As many of you who watch the Discovery Channel know, Gates is the host of their long running hit series, Expedition Unknown.

He can be seen traipsing all over the globe on the hunt for some new and exciting adventure each week. What makes his show unique, he infuses humor with information. So, in a sense you are learning and laughing at the same time!

It isn’t a secret that Gates is into the paranormal. For five years, he hosted Ghost Hunters Live on the SyFy channel. In the past, he has gone in search of extraterrestrials, tackled the afterlife and investigated haunted sites like the Queen Mary.

Last night, Josh focused on the Bermuda Triangle. So, when you are taking on a subject that is known for bizarre events such as electronic fog that may have the ability to transport planes and other craft into the future, who are you going to call? An actor that has professional experience dealing with strange anomalies like an army of skeletons.

If you follow Bruce Campbell then you know that he is pretty open minded when it comes to otherworldly experiences. Last year at San Diego Comic Con while promoting Ripley’s Believe It or Not, he talked about his encounter with a UFO.

Of course, Campbell has some ideas about what goes on off the coast of Miami. He believes that there is a vortex in the area similar to Sedona, Arizona where a “weird gravitational pull” exists. Bruce stands by the ley lines theory.

Oddly enough, both locations sync up with the notion that certain places on the planet attract supernatural energy. Arizona in particular is known to have various areas where paranormal activity peaks especially around its many indigenous reservations.

The actor also brought Gates up to speed on what is on his horizon. The Lost Recordings, a comedy album with his pal, Ted Raimi and a new book of essays, The Cool Side of My Pillow. Both efforts should be available some time this summer.

"Josh Gates Tonight: Unexplained and Unexplored | Expedition UnknownJosh Gates dives into all things unknown from the Bermuda Triangle to UFO sightings. Joining the search are Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell, Lost’s Michael Emerson, former CIA agent Mike Baker, comedian Mo Mandel and Naked and Afraid’s Gwen Grimes."

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