The Little People: Murderous goblins and mayhem on the way

Goblins (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Dungeons & Dragons)
Goblins (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Dungeons & Dragons) /

The Little People is the latest creature feature to be picked up for worldwide sales by Cornerstone Films. Murderous goblins and mayhem are on the way.

The Little People is one of the first films to find a home at the Cannes Marche du Film online event according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jon Wright’s latest production has been picked up for worldwide sales by Cornerstone Films.

If you have seen the Irish director’s past efforts, Tormented and Robot Overlords (Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson), then you know he is a master at blending horror, comedy and action. In Wright’s own words, he likens The Little People to “’Gremlins’ meets ‘Straw Dogs’.”

That is an interesting logline. On the one hand, Joe Dante’s flick about an adorable pet that becomes an absolute nightmare after getting doused with water, is a perennial favorite of children of the 80’s. However, when paired with Sam Peckinpah’s brutal, Straw Dogs, which is about a couple that gets harassed in their rural English home by local hooligans, well, it makes Wright’s film sound menacing.

Based on an original screenplay by the director and Mark Stay, The Little People takes place in rural Ireland. Jamie and Maya, a young couple from London, are tired of living the urban life. Longing for a new beginning, the pair buy what they think is the home of their dreams.

However, when they discover goblins with decidedly threatening intentions living in their garden, things become dark, very quickly. Maya is expecting and she will go to great lengths to protect her unborn child.

Interested parties will find The Little People being showcased for potential buyers at the upcoming Cannes Virtual Market.

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Production on The Little People is set to start in the fall in the U.K.

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