Apocalypse Now: Terrifying screams heard over Texas

Horrifying screams were heard over Bryan, Texas during a lightning storm. Was it an otherworldly event or something closer to home?

Petrifying screams were heard over Bryan, Texas during a lightning storm. According to radio station, 96K ROCK and witness, Daniel Robb, the high pitched shrieking started at 8:30 p.m. and lasted for an hour.

This phenomenon had residents so upset and panicking that they bombarded local station, KBTX with a barrage of phone calls demanding to know what was going on. The cacophony literally sounded like the gates of hell had opened up releasing howling demons.

Of course, that wasn’t the case. There are some individuals that felt it was another sign of the apocalypse. Conspiracy theories started to abound on social media.

Some even likened it to “spiritual warfare.” Others thought a portal had opened up allowing beings from another dimension to materialize on earth.

While all of this speculation sounds like the plot of a great horror or science fiction movie, more than likely, there is a terrestrial reason for the deafening event. Other locations across the world have had similar experiences.

Windsor, Canada has been plagued by a low humming sound since 2011 that reverberates throughout the city and has caused health problems for many citizens. It appears to be emanating from deep under the ground but yet, no one can determine its origin.

What is crazy, is that Windsor isn’t the only city experiencing this type of occurrence. The same issue has been reported in Taos, New Mexico and Kokomo, Indiana.

As for the weird situation in Bryan, KBTX news anchor, Rusty Surette investigated the anomaly.

If you listen closely to the video, if it would have been a supernatural event of some sort, the screams would have varied in pitch. The noise is extremely consistent.

However, it does beg the question, why was this done and why hasn’t it happened before? Listen for yourselves…

What do you think is causing the screams? Is it a pressure release valve or something else? Let us know in the comments.