Kecksburg review: 3 conspiracy theories that prove a UFO crashed

Photo: Kecksburg.. Image Courtesy Cody Knotts
Photo: Kecksburg.. Image Courtesy Cody Knotts /

Kecksburg is the latest film from Cody Knotts about the famous UFO incident of 1965. Did the government try to cover up the crash to hide the truth that aliens are among us?

Kecksburg is a quiet town 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. It is the kind of place where everybody knows your name.

However, on December 9, 1965, all of that was about to change when a fireball blazed across the sky and crashed into the woods. Inspired by this real-life event, Cody Knotts’ film takes its cue from there.

What we end up seeing played out onscreen is a massive government cover-up to hide the fact that we are not alone and that UFOs have routinely visited our planet. If you enjoy Project Blue Book and The X-Files, this indie will be right up your alley.

Written by Knotts, Emily Lapisardi and Vince Ruffalo, this tense little thriller intertwines the lives of several individuals in the town and how they all collide on that unforgettable night. The story centers around local radio reporter, John Murphy who risks his life to expose the truth behind the Roswell of the east coast.

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We decided to take a look at 3 of the main conspiracy theories featured in the movie that lead us to believe that the craft that crashed was definitely not a Russian satellite re-entering the atmosphere. See if you agree with us.

The Government Has Knowledge of Prior UFO Visitations

Anyone who watches Ancient Aliens on a frequent basis is familiar with the consensus that our government knows that UFOs have been on our soil in the past. In Kecksburg, this is evident when President Lyndon Johnson (Richard John Walters) is at a black-tie affair in West Virginia and he gets called out of the room with Senator Robert Byrd (Caesar James) to be debriefed.

Of course, they are discussing the incident in Pennsylvania and Johnson seems to understand that the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon that crashed in the woods is not from this earth. To make matters worse, two aliens are on the loose roaming the countryside. Apparently, this sort of ordeal has happened before because the Commander-in-Chief’s uttermost worry deals with “containment,” or making certain that word about the incident doesn’t leak.

President Johnson also seems quite comfortable with eliminating people that know too much or stand in the way of the Army investigation into the crash site. The entire time Johnson and Byrd are in the room together there are many close-ups that hammer home the heightened tensions between the leader of the free world and other government factions.

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As with any cabal, secrets must be kept and it is decided that the entire Kecksburg flap will be denied and attributed to a Russian satellite…

Men in Black

Whenever these guys pay eyewitnesses to UFO crash sites a visit, it is never a friendly, social call. Cody Knotts has managed to create an extremely evil man in black who doesn’t care who he has to take out. Agent Kirk Donovan (Eric Hack) has no moral compass. He has tunnel vision when it comes to securing his objective which means killing people who have had physical contact with extraterrestrials or an extremely tenacious reporter like John Murphy (Scot Cooper).

Local radio personality Murphy gets a tip about the UAP from housewife Roza Zelienski (Szonja Oroszlán) whose husband Stan (Scott Levy) is the Kecksburg Fire Chief. He manages to document the event on site with his camera. Later, he is captured by Donovan and is let go when he gives him his “footage.” Which turns out to be the roll of film that doesn’t have critical information on it (such as the dead alien).

Donovan is one man that you do not want to cross as John Murphy will eventually find out.

Doppelgängers or the Aliens among Us

There is a twist in the plot, so to speak. While we know there is a grey alien running around the Kecksburg woods, there also happens to be one living among the citizens of the burg.

This particular conspiracy theory has been active for years. There are certain factions of Ufologists that believe that aliens co-exist with us on Earth. The idea usually has them masquerading as humans so that they can gain more knowledge of our species.

We won’t spoil which character turns out to be the visitor from another world. Suffice it to say that we didn’t see it coming.

The Verdict

While it isn’t on the scale of Fire in the Sky or Close Encounters of the Third Kind, this film is an interesting watch for those that believe the truth is out there. The plot is ambitious with the key characters intersecting with one another almost like a Once Upon A Time in Kecksburg sort of deal.

If you enjoy docu-dramas, Cody Knotts’ feature is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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Did you know about the Kecksburg incident? Are you interested in UFOs? Let us know in the comments.

As of now, Kecksburg isn’t on any of the streaming sites so stay tuned for updates.