Arrow in June: Sandy beaches and sci-fi creatures

Arrow June - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow June - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow has another month notched and loaded and as the heat waves start bearing down upon us, Arrow hopes it has a refreshing and cool slate of offerings to satisfy your thirst. As the long and bright crawl of the summer is upon us, Arrow is keeping things dark and musty for all of you horror lovers out there.

As always, Arrow kicks off the month with their latest curation of legend Paul Joyce’s documentaries releasing on June 2nd. This time we get a deep and intimate look inside of legendary filmmaking icon John Cassavetes directly from a primary source, his friend and costar Peter Falk, in Out of the Shadows: The Films of John Cassavetes. Speaking of primary sources, Arrow will also treat us to Plunging on Alone: Monte Hellman’s Life In a Day. Fresh off a six year hiatus away from directing, Monte Hellman sits down and speaks candidly for an hour while Joyce films.

Arrow then delivers a knockout blow on June 6th when subscribers are invited to kick it with Warriors Two. Delving even deeper into the historic career of Sammo Hung as we have for the past few months, Arrow brings us this classic that shows off when Hung really received some creative control behind the camera. As well as highlighting the frenetic upbeat actions synonymous with Hung, this film is also one of the very first to authentically display Wing Chun techniques on the big screen. See the Sammo Hung style really come to life and pop off the screen in this classic.

Next, Arrow is bringing forth two summer favorites to highlight this month, games and the beach. We start with Toru Murakawa’s Game Trilogy on June 19th starring the Toei tough guy himself, Yûsaku Matsuda. Before his life was tragically cut short by cancer, Matsuda starred in a trilogy of game-inspired films including The Most Dangerous Game, The Killing Game and The Execution Game. Set in a seedy world of criminal hitmen scrawling through the underbelly of society, you don’t want to miss these films that have inspired generations of films that have followed. Then, on the 23rd, Arrow heads to the coast to feature of flicks inspired by the vast ocean and the creatures that lie beneath. With two offerings of Deep Blood and Cruel Jaws, it might just make you think twice about that lovely beach trip this summer.

Arrow June – Courtesy Arrow Video /

To wrap things up, Arrow will of course be releasing many new series in June. Starting on the 2nd with Ero Guro. For those unfamiliar, this Japanese sub genre of horror mashes up the ero (erotic) and the guro (grotesque) to create a hodge-podge of the whacky and wonderful. Featuring what they call the ‘unholy trinity’ of Ero Guro in Teruo Ishii’s Shogun’s Joy of Torture and Horrors of Malformed Men and Yasuzo Masumura’s Blind Beast, this series is perfect for the brave and depraved to sink their teeth into.

On June 16th, horror icon and savant Eli Roth scrolls through the archive to find some of of his secret and overlooked selections that have fallen through the proverbial cracks. Roth states, “I absolutely love Arrow and have been a collector of their editions for years, and Arrow Player is the most streamed channel in my house. I’ve seen a lot of Select lists, and while I agree with them, I wanted to highlight some that people might have otherwise overlooked.” With selections like Basket Case, Contamination, and Madhouse, you won’t want to miss a handpicked collection from one of the genre’s finest. The science-fiction heads get their day on the 23rd when Arrow ventures out into the cosmos to seek life and explore new worlds. All the planet-hopping, alien infested and laser shootin’ fun can be had in the Sci-fi Stunners  collection featuring classic titles such as Donnie Darko, No Escape and Crimes of the Future. 

Lastly, Arrow finishes the month with the Cosa Nostra Collection. In an exploration of American director Damiano Damiani, this series dives deep into the mafia history and lore of his films while achieving critical and box office success. The impact socially of mafia violence is explored deeply with titles such as Day of the Owl, The Case is Closed, and Forget It. 

With all these hot and fresh offerings, there is no time like the present to enjoy your summer months with a side of blood curdling screams. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.

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