UFO pic Skyman makes contact with Gravitas Ventures

The Popular Science Educator (Photo by The Print Collector/Getty Images)
The Popular Science Educator (Photo by The Print Collector/Getty Images) /

Skyman has been acquired by Gravitas Ventures. The UFO sci-fi docu-style thriller will land in drive-in theaters at the end of the month.

Skyman is the latest venture from Daniel Myrick, the co-writer and director of The Blair Witch Project. If you are interested in UFOs and close encounters of the third kind, this is a must-see picture.

According to Deadline, Gravitas Ventures recently acquired the 2019 Austin Film Festival entry. The story follows Carl Merryweather who at the age of ten, while camping with his father encountered an alien after witnessing a triangular shaped object in the sky.

There were several accounts of the same craft hovering above Barstow, California but local authorities didn’t believe the reports. Segue to the present, and Carl is on a mission to reconnect with the Skyman that could give him a sense of direction in his life.

What makes this production compelling is the way that it is shot. Once again, Myrick employs that handheld docu-style way of filming the action that makes viewers feel as if they are watching real people and not actors on the silver screen.

Obsession hovers over every scene in this trailer. The sense of urgency that Carl feels to make contact with the alien being of his childhood is palpable.

Much like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind who focused on the Devil’s Tower, Merryweather is driven to the desert. This is where he sets up various satellite dishes to try and signal the extraterrestrial visitor.

Is he being driven mad by this desire to prove to everyone that life exists outside of our world? Or has something received his message?

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You can catch Skyman in drive-in theaters on June 30 and on demand a week later.

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