Stephen King has a brilliant idea for a Jason Voorhees novel

Stephen King (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)
Stephen King (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images) /

Stephen King revealed to his Twitter followers that he has an idea for a Jason Voorhees novel. While this is definitely intriguing, the author also stated that he will probably never write it.

Stephen King writes a novel every twenty minutes. Well, not exactly, but he is so prolific that it feels as if he could do that.

Yesterday on Twitter, the author revealed to his followers that he has had an idea for a novel that could possibly be his best work ever. He also stated that he will probably never write it.

According to Cheat Sheet, King would love to pen a story about legendary horror icon, Jason Voorhees. His take on the hockey masked slasher would be decidedly more metaphysical.

As most fans of the Friday the 13th franchise know, Jason is very stoic. In his case, actions speak louder than words. Stephen King believes that lurking beneath that non vocal exterior is a man who is a deep thinker.

His I JASON would be a first-person narrative with a Happy Death Day feel to it. Basically, this thoughtful approach to Voorhees’ psyche would have him reliving his “hellish fate” getting killed over and over again at Camp Crystal Lake.

For all intent and purposes, Jason is like a supernatural being who is incapable of dying. Yes, final girls or boys may succeed in stopping him temporarily but he will always return to terrorize more teenagers.

While this is an intriguing notion to have King pen this type of novel, it would be impossible for him to do so. The author is keenly aware of the hoops required to get legal permission to write about another creator’s intellectual property.

Especially when it comes to Friday the 13th which has been mired in litigation for years now. While this is nice to imagine, more than likely, I JASON will remain one of those ideas that never comes to fruition.

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