Shudder: Sleepaway Camp and other genre films to celebrate in July

Photo: In Search of Darkness: The Definitive '80s Horror Documentary.. Image Courtesy CreatorVC
Photo: In Search of Darkness: The Definitive '80s Horror Documentary.. Image Courtesy CreatorVC /
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Sleepaway Camp
Impetigore  Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Ical Tanjung, I.C.S. /

July 20:

Nina Forever – This British horror comedy premiered at the 2015 SXFW film festival. Rob’s girlfriend Nina is killed in a car accident, and while recovering from his loss, he soon falls in love with his coworker Holly. But, Nina comes back and torments the couple every time they attempt to become intimate. What can they do to help Nina rest in peace?

The Pool – A young couple are trapped in a 20’ deep swimming pool, and there is no way out. Worse yet, a deadly predator is lurking around, making escape even riskier.

July 23:

Impetigore (Shudder Original) – Shortly after she survives an attempted murder, Maya discovers that she stands to inherit a home in the village in which she was born. When she gets there, she discovers that her neighbors hold her responsible for a curse placed upon the village, and believe she must be killed to remove the curse. Impetigore was a Sundance 2020 Official Selection.

July 27:

Patrick – Patrick is a murderer who is comatose and confined to a hospital bed, but it turns out that he can still use telekinesis to kill people. He puts these powers to the test when he decides to stop anyone who might come between him and the nurse he has become infatuated with. This 1978 Australian flick is one of the “Ozploitation” films of the 1970s.

Turkey Shoot – Another Ozploitation film, Turkey Shoot is set at a prison in a very bleak future, where prisoners are chosen annually to be hunted by sadistic government officials. If they manage to evade the hunters for a full 12 hours, they will be set free, but if they are caught, they die. Turkey Shoot features Olivia Hussey (Black Christmas) and Steve Railsback.

July 30:

In Search of Darkness (Shudder Exclusive) – This four hour documentary examines 1980’s horror films both big and small. Topics of discussion include poster art, practical effects, the final girl trope and the dawning popularity of home video. Interviewees include horror icons such as Joe Bob Briggs, John Carpenter and Heather Langenkamp, as well as a host of other experts in the field, and we can expect lots of entertaining film clips. I am definitely looking forward to this one!

It looks like Shudder has given us some interesting choices this month, both familiar and new. Sleepaway Camp marathon for the fourth of July, anyone?

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