Reasons why Shudder’s Yummy is a bloody delicious horror-comedy film

Yummy a Shudder Original. Image Courtesy Shudder
Yummy a Shudder Original. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Belgian horror film Yummy is currently streaming on Shudder, and it’s everything you could possibly ask for in a summer horror movie.

Movies such as Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead and Anna and the Apocalypse have walked the fine line between horror and humor, and now we have Shudder Original Yummy jumping on the “laugh ‘til you scream” train. The main difference is that Yummy doesn’t really tug at the heartstrings like the first three mentioned films do, but it’s still a fun watch with likable characters.

As stated above, Yummy is a Belgian film, and yes, there are subtitles for the first ten minutes or so, but soon enough our characters are speaking in heavily accented English. So, even if subtitles aren’t your thing, you should be able to handle them in this case.

Michael, his girlfriend Alison and her mother Sylvia go to a seedy European hospital specializing in cheap plastic surgery. Alison wants to downsize her F-cup breasts, and her mother Sylvia wants to look younger. Nerdy, klutzy Michael has brought along an engagement ring, and plans to propose to Alison, despite the fact that her mother doesn’t approve of him.

While Alison is being prepped for surgery, a creepy hospital employee named Daniel gives Michael a tour of the hospital. When Daniel takes a brief stop to steal and inject some drugs, Michael wanders into a room containing a young woman who is strapped to a bed, clearly distressed. When he removes her mask, he sees that her face is mutilated, and she is basically a zombie.

Yummy a Shudder Original. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Here’s where the action starts, and it doesn’t really let up for the remainder of the movie. It turns out that the doctors in this low-rent medical facility have been conducting experiments in an effort to discover new ways to make its patients look younger, and these experiments have brought about the dreaded Zombie Apocalpyse. Now, Michael and Alison must navigate a hospital teeming with hungry zombies, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them do so.

Yummy is a great summer flick for several reasons. First, it’s a zombie movie, and all horror fans love a zombie movie. Better yet, it’s a FUN zombie movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you can just sit back and enjoy it without having to put too much effort in.

But don’t let the comedy elements of Yummy fool you; it has a more than ample supply of blood and gore, and several inventive mutilation scenes (including one that features a paper shredder). There are human entrails, head wounds, bite marks oozing blood, and even traumatic injury to one character’s very delicate groin area.

Yummy a Shudder Original. Image Courtesy Shudder /

The comedy contained within Yummy is not of the high brow sort. In addition to the aforementioned genital injury, we find out that Michael had to quit med school because he passes out at the sight of blood (very inconvenient during the zombie apocalypse), and there are numerous comments made about the size of Alison’s breasts. The doctor examining her recommends upgrading to a G cup, and is astounded when she instead requests a B cup.

If you are looking for a deep, insightful, slow burn horror movie, by all means, watch Hereditary. But, if you are searching for a fun, bloody, fast-moving flick, that is perfect for summer viewingYummy definitely fits the bill.

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Yummy is only available to stream on Shudder. New subscribers can receive a free 30-day trial subscription by visiting the website and using the code SHUTIN at checkout.

Do you enjoy horror/comedy films? Have you seen Yummy on Shudder? Let us know what you think in the comments section.