Shudder originals Lake of Death and Impetigore jump on the trailer train

Lake of Death: A Shudder Original. Image Courtesy Shudder
Lake of Death: A Shudder Original. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Lake of Death and Impetigore are set to terrify audiences on Shudder. The scares begin July 23.

Shudder releases new horror/sci-fi/thriller content each month, with a mixture of classics, foreign films, exclusives and originals. So far this month, Yummy and The Beach House have both thrilled and grossed out viewers (for the record, I recommend both).

With the month half over, we have two more Shudder Originals to look forward to, both of them releasing on July 23. You can watch the trailers for Lake of Death and Impetigore using the links contained in this story, but first, let’s break each of them down a little.

The trailer for the Norwegian film, Lake of Death features Lillian and her friends, who are visiting her family’s cabin one year after her twin brother Bjorn was presumed drowned in the lake. The cabin in the woods trope is a trusty one, so we know that some bad things are going to happen while the group is there.

It seems like one of them is pulled underwater by an unseen force, and emerges with a horrible looking mark on his chest, and judging by the accusations made at one point, Lillian starts sleepwalking. Worst of all, the dog is affected by all of this. I can’t handle pet trauma, and while at first I thought the dog was dead when we see it tied up, on second watch I saw its ears move. So, my hope is that the dog is ok.

We also have bath water that turns black, enlarged eyeballs and menacing sketches of an evil being, so this doesn’t look like a pleasant vacation for our group of friends. On the upside, the scenery is beautiful! All in all, this trailer captured my interest enough that I will definitely watch Lake of Death.

Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar wrote and directed 2017’s Satan’s Slaves, which became Indonesia’s highest-grossing horror film, and has followed it up with Shudder Original Impetigore. Maya was raised by an Aunt after her parents died under mysterious circumstances, and she and a friend travel to the desolate village of her birth, believing she may have an inheritance there.

They do indeed find a very expansive home, but it seems to have a large number of children’s graves on site. What follows in the trailer are images of a man emptying what appears to be a bucket of blood, a spooky walk at night, illuminated by only an oil lantern, and a scene of a woman giving birth.

The most frightening moment in the trailer features a woman hanging upside down over a bucket, and all horror fans know what that will most likely lead to! This trailer for Impetigore was very effective, and left me feeling intrigued, wanting to know more.

It’s worth noting that both of these films feature subtitles, so if you don’t enjoy reading while you follow a storyline, you might want to keep that in mind. Or better yet, give subtitles a try, some of my favorite recent horror films are subtitled.

New Shudder subscribers can get a free 30-day trial subscription by visiting the website and using the code SHUTIN at check-out. Please note that this offer is not valid if you subscribe anywhere other than Shudder directly.

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Lake of Death and Impetigore will premiere on July 23 on Shudder.

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