The Invisible Man & other horror films Rotten Tomatoes ranked incorrectly

The Invisible Man, photo courtesy Blumhouse Productions
The Invisible Man, photo courtesy Blumhouse Productions /

The Invisible Man should have been ranked higher on Rotten Tomatoes Best of 2020 Horror Movies List, in our opinion. So, we decided to make a case for why certain selections should be changed.

Rotten Tomatoes released a list ranking the best horror movies of 2020, according to their Tomato Meter. The problem is it’s all weirdly out of order due to their algorithms.

So, I decided to select five movies that should be ranked higher, such as The Invisible Man.  Keeping in mind lists are subjective, no matter how many old man grumbles come from my direction.  No ill will towards Rotten Tomatoes, lists are always problematic including mine.

Rotten Tomatoes’ original list, from best to worst:

  1. Host
  2. Extra Ordinary
  3. Impetigore
  4. Relic
  5. The Invisible Man
  6. Swallow
  7. 1BR
  8. After Midnight (Something Else)
  9. Color Out Of Space
  10. Sea Fever
  11. Come To Daddy
  12. The Platform (El Hoyo)
  13. VFW
  14. Bulbbul
  15. The Wretched
  16. The Lodge
  17. The Rental
  18. Amulet
  19. Gretel & Hansel
  20. Feedback

I will admit, this is a pretty decent list. However, with so many contenders it’s a little hard to give each film its proper due. Here are our suggestions for the five best horror movies of 2020.

5. Host 

So, this is a case of a film being placed a little too high in the Rotten Tomatoes rankings. While Rob Savage’s work is ambitious, it feels too much like a rehashing of 2014’s Unfriended, only instead of Zoom, Unfriended uses social media and Skype.

Host  is one horrifying movie. Its scares rely on our current pandemic situation and the cast does a terrific job of capturing the proper emotions. While this effort is definitely a must watch, we feel it shouldn’t hold the top spot.

4. The Platform (El Hoyo)

The Platform was a surprise, a wonderful, spooky surprise. We tend to shy away from trailers and behind the scenes info on upcoming films, especially horror flicks. When we finally settled down and watched The Platform, it sent us into a terrifying dystopian world full of metaphor and social commentary.

This film’s horrors are not immediately found on the surface. It’s what is lurking beneath everything that makes The Platform one of the scariest flicks of 2020.

3. Color Out Of Space

When it was announced that Richard Stanley was making his triumphant return to filmexcitement was ablaze in the horror community.  Color Out Of Space was worth the wait, with Stanley in rare form and Nicholas Cage headlining, this take on H.P. Lovecraft was a work of art.

For its horrors, the fear and dread of the unknown reign supreme, its mind chilling.  Perhaps Color Out Of Space doesn’t deserve an award, but it does deserve a higher place on Rotten Tomatoes’ best of list.

2. After Midnight (Something Else)

As it’s alternate title suggests, After Midnight is indeed something else. Made on a slim budget, this is one of the most unique and interesting indie films of 2020.

The production is a hybrid between a creature feature and romance, somehow combining the two into something completely different. After Midnight is well balanced with gorgeous cinematography, a subdued cast, and plenty of moments of actual horror.

We feel like we’ve been talking this movie up all quarantine, but it deserves recognition and the number two slot, not the lower ranking from Rotten Tomatoes.

The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man, photo courtesy Blumhouse Productions /

1. The Invisible Man

When 2017’s The Mummy flopped into cinemas like a dead fish, all seemed lost in the world of Universal Monsters. Would we ever see another classic silver screen creature of the night return to cinemas? Enter Leigh Whannell and Blumhouse, with The Invisible Man.

It’s hard to pull off an unseen villain and not have it be silly, you’re limited with what you can do.  Leigh Whannell goes above and beyond, handling an already existing character with great care.

So, it baffles us as to why it didn’t make the top spot on Rotten Tomatoes’ rankings. We need to remember that lists are all subjective. A Tomato Meter isn’t going to give you a proper scale on the worth of a film, you still have to see it and judge for yourself.


You can stream The Invisible Man and the rest of our list at YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime, VUDU, Netflix and Shudder. 

What are your top five horror films of 2020?  Let us know in the comments.