Unhinged: New trailer reminds us to “Be Safe Out There…”

A new retro trailer for Unhinged with Russell Crowe was released yesterday. Tickets for the disturbing, road rage thriller go on sale today.

Unhinged with Russell Crowe will hit theaters on Aug. 21. To whet fans’ appetites for this chilling tale of road rage gone off the charts, Solstice Studios dropped a retro style trailer yesterday.

Shot like a 1970’s instructional promo with a jaunty soundtrack (at first), viewers will feel like they are watching a “how to” video complete with rules. This is similar to Zombieland’s opening where Columbus introduces us to the term, “double tap.”

It is quite creepy the way the announcer explains that we shouldn’t engage aggressive drivers because we don’t know what they are going through in their personal lives. Of course, this voiceover is juxtaposed with scenes from the film featuring Russell Crowe breaking into his old residence and taking a hammer to members of his family.

The sequence of rampages escalates with each one becoming more frightening than the last. It sort of reminds us of Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down on steroids.

Everyone that has followed Russell Crowe’s career knows that he is capable of a quiet, seething anger that at any moment can become nuclear. While Unhinged is full of tropes, we hope he will dig beneath the surface of his character so that we will understand why he has become angry at the world.

“Be Safe Out There,” almost sounds like it could be a tagline for this entire year given the pandemic circumstances. Just watching the aggression on the news is enough proof that a situation like Unhinged could happen and does happen in real life.

Unhinged is directed by Derrick Borte and also stars Caren Pistorius. Tickets are on sale today. The film opens in theaters on Aug. 21.

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