FearCon 2020: What can we expect from this virtual con?

FearCon and Film Festival host Jay Michaels . Photo provided by Jay Michaels Communications
FearCon and Film Festival host Jay Michaels . Photo provided by Jay Michaels Communications /

The 9th annual FearCon and film festival won’t be laid to rest this year. Jay Michaels hosts an immersive virtual experience just in time for Halloween.

It seems like boredom is the new norm, for convention loving horror fans. The struggle is very real. But have no fear, the Ninth annual Phoenix FearCon and film festival is going virtual.

Phoenix FearCon has been a staple in the Southwest horror community for almost a decade now. And this year’s convention promises to keep that tradition going.

Fans can expect all the fun of FearCon just relegated to a personal screen. Safety and social distancing in mind, this virtual convention is going to be a blast.

Be prepared to be lead through a rich virtual experience, including panels, lectures, virtual workshops, industry professional demonstrations, and of course a film festival showcasing emerging artists. Horror historian Jay Michaels (In The Passion Pit podcast), is your guide through this array of awesome. Bill Oberst Jr. (3 From Hell) will deliver opening remarks to kick off the event, which will feature special guests from the horror world including Dacre Stoker, the great grandnephew of Bram Stoker.

Dacre will discuss 123 years of Dracula, from novel to stage to screen. Stoker will also make a vast array of literary works related to his ancestor available through the convention’s marketplace.

FearCon and Film Festival guest of honor Dacre Stoker. Photo provided by Jay Michaels Communications /

All of the festivities kick off October 16th, with passes and tickets currently on sale now at the convention’s website located here.  While the world seems to stop turning everyday, horror fans can rejoice in being able to celebrate the beloved genre from home.

While the ideal thing to do would be to gather in masses together in love and celebration of the macabre, virtual festivals are a great option. Phoenix FearCon will be a fully interactive convention and all access pass holders will be able to take part in everything they have to offer, so jump on this one now and get ready to ring in October with FearCon.

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Phoenix FearCon will be online for fans starting October 16th until December 31st, 2020.

Are you excited for Phoenix FearCon? Let us know.