Bruce Campbell: Would he be open to a cameo in Evil Dead Rise?


Bruce Campbell appeared at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater this past weekend. During a Q & A session, we learned more about Evil Dead Rise and whether or not he would be open to doing a cameo in the new film.

Bruce Campbell and his “Keep Your Distance” Tour arrived at the Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton, Pennsylvania this past weekend. Naturally, both of his appearances were sold out.

It was a fun event for fans of the actor to gather together (socially distanced, of course), watch his films on the big screen and ask him questions. One of the topics that came up during his Q & A session was Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment in the Sam Raimi franchise.

Everyone knows that the setting has changed. The Deadites will no longer be terrorizing young people in a cabin in the woods. Bruce reiterated that the action will take place in an urban location.

In his words, “The Evil Dead are going to **** up a city this time.” Which could lend some credibility to the fact that it might take place in a high-rise. Although, there are many sites in a populated area that the Dark Ones could wreak havoc in like a college, a mall or an office…

We know that Lee Cronin, the talented director of the haunting picture, The Hole in the Ground is at the helm for the new flick. There will be a new cast according to Campbell. This news will probably disappoint Jane Levy admirers who were hoping to see Mia return in some capacity.

After briefly discussing Cronin’s production, Bruce was asked if he would consider doing a cameo. Jokingly, he retorted, “Shouldn’t I just be in it?” This response was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Unfortunately, the actor has hung up his chainsaw for good, along with portraying Ash Williams in live action efforts. However, there may be a glimmer of hope for Evil Dead aficionados that would like to see him onscreen in some fashion.

His response to doing a cameo, “Who knows?” Now, he didn’t rule out the possibility but he also didn’t make it seem as if it would definitely happen. The good thing is it sounds like he might entertain the notion if the timing is right and his schedule is clear.

If you want to see Bruce Campbell, his next tour stop will be at the Revolution Concert House & Event Center in Garden City, Idaho for a showing of Evil Dead on Sept. 19. For more info, click here.

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If Bruce does cameo in Evil Dead Rise, would you like to see him play a “Crazy Ralph” character? Let us know in the comments.