Spides: Sneak peek at Crackle’s new alien conspiracy theory series

Spides. Photo courtesy Crackle
Spides. Photo courtesy Crackle /

Crackle announced the US premiere of their original science fiction series Spides, combining aliens, conspiracy, and action into one original show.

While Crackle may not be at the forefront of the streaming age when it comes to original content, their latest production, Spides hopes to change that. The series stars Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Game Of Thrones) as a young woman who wakes from a coma in modern-day Berlin, only to be plunged into a world of human infiltrating aliens who use a drug to take over their hosts.

From the looks of the promo, this is part creature feature and part conspiracy thriller, making it a venture that we are very excited to see.

The show will be added to Crackle’s line-up of ever growing content Thursday, Sept. 17. Spides was written by Rainer Matsutani, Eckhard Vollmar, Peter Hume, Carola Lowitz and Mark Wachholz.

Our first impression of the trailer was a positive one. With very few original programming options on the horizon right now due to COVID-19, it’s hard not to be excited for Spides.

In addition to Spides, there are plenty of Crackle originals and exclusive titles for your viewing pleasure such as Anything Is Possible-The Serge Ibaka Story, On Point, Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering The Ghostbusters, The Clearing, Crown Vic and lots of other awesome content. So, if you’ve held back on checking out what Crackle has to offer, now is your chance to correct that.

You can download the app on 26 devices and services, making it easy to find on your favorite streaming setup. If you’re craving a little distraction these days (and who isn’t), check out Spides on Sept.17, if you dare…

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Are you a sci-fi fan? Do you enjoy a good creature feature? Will you be checking out Spides? Let us know in the comments.