Stranger Things: When will production on season 4 begin?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things fourth season will begin production on Sept. 28 after being delayed because of COVID-19.

Stranger Things will be heading into production again after being shut down in March due to COVID-19. While not the worst thing to come out of the dumpster fire that is 2020, films and television series are changing premiere dates at a furious pace due to delays in shooting.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when the Netflix flagship announced they were going on hiatus. However, according to Deadline, the cast and crew are tentatively set to return to Georgia on Sept. 28.

While fans are eager to head back to Hawkins, they realize that keeping their favorite actors safe is a top priority. However, expectations remain high for season 4 ever since an early teaser was released revealing the fate of David Harbour’s character, Hopper.

The season 3 finale of Stranger Things left viewers wondering if their beloved sheriff would be returning. Now, with that question answered, it will be interesting to see what the writers have concocted for this year’s show.

According to the Duffer Brothers, Hopper is still imprisoned and he will have to fend off dangers that are human and “other.” Meanwhile, in Indiana, circumstances aren’t much better because a new horror that has been buried beneath the surface for quite some time is re-emerging and somehow, it connects everything with events in the past.

What will happen with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), her sons and Eleven? We all know that she left town hoping to start a new life for herself and her family. Where will she end up?

Only time will tell, of course. While there is no official release date as of yet, IMDb does have the title for the first episode of season 4 listed as “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.”


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