ShortsTV brings Shriek Week to horror fans

ShortsTV’s Shriek Week. Image Courtesy of ShortsTV.
ShortsTV’s Shriek Week. Image Courtesy of ShortsTV. /

Shorts often get lost in the shuffle next to feature films. This month, ShortsTV is looking to change that with their horror-centric “Shriek Week.”

With YouTube, Vimeo and a slew of other video-hosting services, it’s easy to upload a film and get it seen around the globe. Shorts are alive and well, and many theaters (pre-COVID) ran special limited-run screenings of those that were nominated for Oscars. Now, ShortsTV is looking to treat genre fans with a month of bite-size horror programming and a special “Shriek Week” leading up to Halloween.

Basically, if you’re too busy to squeeze in a feature film but still want to watch something, these shorts could prove a nice alternative to the standard 90-minute horror investment.

Per the ShortsTV press release:

"“[starting October 7] ShortsTV will air “Midnight Hour,” programming blocks from midnight to 6am on Fridays, which will feature short films of varying horror including thriller, suspense and more. “Midnight Hour” will run through October 23.”"

“Shriek Week” proper will begin on October 25 and wrap up on Saturday, October 31. Over 25 short films will air, alongside profiles of some of the filmmaking forces behind these abbreviated bits of the mad and macabre.

Below is a listing of some of the films that will air through October, and the creatives being singled out for recognition. The short subjects range from social-media-spread viruses, final girls, witches, urban legends and much more! So sit back, microwave some popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy!

Short film highlights:

  • Anniversary, Directed by Tommy Faircloth
  • Ens Rationis, Directed by Paul Christian Glenn
  • Eyecatcher, Directed by Jun Shimizu
  • Last One Screaming, Directed by Matt Devino
  • Lost In Buffalo City, Directed by Raymond Wallace
  • Lucid, Directed by Andrew Creco & James Cates
  • Trentside, Directed by Charlie Delaney
  • The Corner, Directed by Jayson Buterin
  • The Mark Of Nefarious, Directed by Jason Ledford
  • White Drift, Directed by Corey Norman

Some of the filmmakers being recognized include:

  • Alanah Rafferty, director of Mutiny
  • Eriabis Jennison, director of The Picnic
  • Matt Devino, director of Last One Screaming
  • Melanie Alexander & Mary Stark, directors of Full Moon
  • Jun Shimizu, director of Eyecatcher
  • Raymond Wallace, director of Nights of the Fluffet

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What short are you looking forward to watching during Shriek Week? Let us know in the comments.