Be My Eyes: Upcoming horror-thriller from Ghosthouse Pictures

Lars Klevberg (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Lars Klevberg (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) /

Fresh off the Child’s Play remake, Lars Klevberg will direct the horror-thriller Be My Eyes for Sam Raimi’s Ghosthouse Pictures.

For as happy as I am that Sam Raimi graduated from microbudget filmmaker to helming big blockbusters for major studios, I find myself more curious about the smaller-scale horror fare he’s been producing as of late. He nurtured Fede Alvarez through the Evil Dead remake and Don’t Breathe, helped give legs to Alexandre Aja’s killer-croc pic, Crawl and oversaw Nick Pesce’s underrated reboot of The Grudge. With the upcoming Be My Eyes, he’s returning to semi-familiar territory.

Not unlike Alvarez’s ingenious Don’t Breathe, which inverted traditional notions of “home invasion,” Be My Eyes will also feature a vision-impaired character…albeit in a completely different capacity.

Deadline has the scoop on what viewers can expect:

"“[The film] follows a law student who volunteers to receive anonymous video calls from blind people through an App to help them “see” and do simple tasks. One night, she is pulled into a race against time when she gets a terrifying call from a blind woman in the midst of an abduction.“"

Be My Eyes has a solid behind-the-scenes pedigree: Norwegian director Lars Klevberg surprised audiences with last year’s fresh take on Child’s Play, and writer Jud Cremata helmed Let’s Scare Julie. Rewrites are being handled by Jeff Buhler, who was recently involved (in a script or story capacity) with the new Pet Sematary and The Grudge.

While the premise for Be My Eyes sounds thriller-familiar, the aforementioned Raimi-produced films subsisted on new interpretations of tired tropes and concepts.

I was as skeptical as anybody else when a new Child’s Play – sans Chucky creator Don Mancini – was announced. But the reality was a highly entertaining and downright fun horror movie that, tone-wise, fit in well with the later series entries. Klevberg showed a steady hand in balancing characterization, scares and dark humor.

Which leads me to believe Be My Eyes will be similarly unique in approach and execution. Keep your own eyes peeled for more info as the film enters production.

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