Chris White opens some Doors

Doors. Image courtesy Epic Pictures Group
Doors. Image courtesy Epic Pictures Group /

Chris White opens some Doors in his newest Amazon Prime anthology creation. Such a warm and gracious person. Here he talks about the Avatar-esque world, how kick-** Lina Esco is, and how to shape a new wave of alien flicks. What I liked about this film, in particular, was that it didn’t use the usual creature feature trope. It was straight-up telepathy, freaky-looking almost plastic bristle/pin-art-looking doors.

It also used the idea that someone had to tell apart the clone of a loved one, from the real person and what the ultimate decision was to figure it out. Spoiler alert? It’s not a fun one.

Starring heavy-hitters: Lina Esco, Josh Peck, and Wilson Bethel just to name a few. Sidenote, go see Bethel’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” episode, he’s an improv wiz and hilarious.


CHRIS WHITE: Yeah, yeah. She’s awesome. Yeah, Lina’s really down-to-earth and you know pretty much how you see her, um, from her interviews and–and, even, you know on the shows. That’s pretty much how that’s her. Um, and she is super professional, really down to earth, super kick-ass. Um, and just came and delivered. Yeah, Lina’s awesome. Nothing but praise for Lina.

Chris White Doors Lina Esco
Doors. Image courtesy Epic Pictures Group /


CW: It wasn’t all shot at the same time. Because they are different stories and different, you know, segment. I like to call them acts, more than segments. Because, you know, like VHS was more like segments, this is more like acts.

Directors: Jeff Desom, Saman Kesh, Dugan O’Neal
Screenplay: Jeff Desom, Saman Kesh, Dugan O’Neal
Starring: Josh Peck, Kyp Malone, Lina Esco, Wilson Bethel
Music: Joshua Paul Johnson
Release Date: 23 March 2021

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