The Resort: Does star Bianca Haase believe in ghosts?

The Resort - R&C PMK Dropbox (PMKBNC)
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The Resort is a brand-new horror film releasing on April 30, and we had the chance to chat with star Bianca Haase, who plays the character, Lex in the film. Filmed on location in Hawaii (in a real haunted spot!) The Resort follows a group of friends who travel to an abandoned resort in the hopes of finding the infamous Half-Faced Girl from the legend.

For those who have kept up with news regarding the movie, it was produced by rapper and Migos frontman Quavo. It’s his first officially produced horror film. Bianca chatted with us about what it was like to meet him on set. She also revealed whether or not she’s a believer in ghosts herself!

Apart from The Resort, you might recognize Bianca from her work in other projects like Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Life in Pieces and The Detour.

Chatting with The Resort star Bianca Haase

1428 Elm: Do you consider yourself a horror fan?

Bianca Haase: I really enjoy it when I’m watching it, but I am a giant scaredy-cat. When I’m with other people, I will absolutely watch it, but everyone makes fun of me because I’m sitting on the couch with my knees tucked into my chest, my ears plugged by my fingers, and I squint my eyes at the scary parts. But I do really enjoy it. I’m just too scared to be alone in the dark after watching a scary movie.

1428 Elm: Do you have any favorite horror movies?

Bianca Haase: Yes, so, I recently, begrudgingly, agreed to watch The Conjuring because I knew it was scary, but my partner convinced me, and I loved it. I was so scared at the time, but I thought it was incredible.

1428 Elm: How do you get involved in a horror movie that’s produced by Quavo? Did you get to meet him?

Bianca Haase: I did! He came to set one day, and he is delightful. He is so friendly, so easygoing, happy to be there and participate. It was really fun to spend the day with him.

The Resort
The Resort – R&C PMK Dropbox (PMKBNC) /

1428 Elm: It seemed like you, and your castmates had a good sense of camaraderie between you since the entire film is mostly just the four of you. What’s it like doing a film where you’re mostly doing group scenes throughout with the same few people?

Bianca Haase: It was so much fun! I can only speak for myself, but I felt so lucky to be part of a cast that was just so talented but also so kind, and everybody was just there to elevate each other in our work. It was really a nice experience. Everybody on set, we had such a level of camaraderie. I think, potentially, it’s ripe for problems if people don’t get along, but we were all really close and became really good friends.

1428 Elm: What was it like filming on-location in Hawaii?

Bianca Haase: Look, I don’t want to be obvious with my answers, but it was incredible! And the location where we were shooting was actually considered haunted and had actually been abandoned for a while. So, when we were there at night shooting, it was a slightly different experience. It really was abandoned.

It wasn’t like there was any functionality. There was no electricity, no water, and if you had to go to the bathroom at night in between shots, you’re walking down a dark hallway trying to get there. It was definitely helpful when it came to trying to get into character.

1428 Elm: The characters spend a significant part of the film arguing whether ghosts are real. Where do you stand on the matter?

Bianca Haase: I think I’m an open-minded person about most things, so I thought it was definitely a possibility that ghosts existed, and whenever someone has told me a personal experience or encounter, I was captivated and completely believed what I’d been told. But I hadn’t had a personal experience myself until a few months ago.

I was with my partner, and I am a weirdo, and I enjoy walking through cemeteries when I’m out of town — I think they’re beautiful, not because I’m walking through them like a murderer! [Laughs] — but we were in Colorado, and there’s this gorgeous old cemetery where they had a gravestone listing people who had been buried there, and the most recent burial was in the early 1900s. These were old gravestones, and I thought it was really special and beautiful.

So, we walked through, and it’s going to sound silly, but I know we picked up a spirit companion. I know we did because we had to travel a lot for work the next few months and everywhere we went there were very strange and unexplainable happenings. I am a believer now!

1428 Elm: What do you think is going to surprise people most when they watch The Resort?

Bianca Haase: I think there are two things, one is I’m really proud of being a female character in a horror movie that isn’t a really dumb character, I am proud that — I mean, you know, characters make silly choices in horror movies, it’s inevitable — but, I think we tried to make characters that were grounded especially Lex, so I hope that surprises people and secondly, the ending. I think the ending is really original and fun and catches you off-guard, so I hope people are surprised by it like I was when I got to it.

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The Resort will be released on Digital and On Demand beginning on April 30.