1428 Elm exclusive: Spotify’s Deathbed Confessions podcast announcement

Deathbed Confessions - Spotify Original podcast. Image courtesy Parcast, a Spotify Studio and Noiser
Deathbed Confessions - Spotify Original podcast. Image courtesy Parcast, a Spotify Studio and Noiser /

Deathbed Confessions joins Welcome to Your Fantasy, International Infamy and Internet Urban Legends as part of the true-crime “family” on Spotify, and 1428 Elm has the exclusive scoop for our readers.

Spotify has been bringing on the macabre with their recent podcasts, and Deathbed Confessions is no exception to the rule. The new podcast comes to us from Parcast, in partnership with Noiser, the studio that produces Real Narcos, Short History Of… and Real Dictators.

When people have been carrying deep, dark secrets for a long time, it must start to weigh on them after a while, right? When these people are in their last moments of life, they often feel the need to unload their secrets, and these are the stories listeners will hear on Deathbed Confessions.

Tune in to hear true stories of the dark secrets divulged by men and women during their last, dying breaths. We’re talking confessions of murder, affairs, CIA conspiracies and false identities (among other topics), with the stories narrated by Estefania Hageman.

The first episode will tell the story of Hollywood actress Margaret Gibson, who died in 1964 after suffering a heart attack. With her dying breath, she confessed to a murder dating back 40 years; a murder with a high-profile victim. Despite the fact that the crime had been heavily investigated at the time, it was never solved, and Gibson was never considered a suspect. Trivia alert: Gibson was featured as a character in AHS: Hotel.

Deathbed Confessions
Estefania Hageman host of Deathbed Confessionals podcast /

Two of the more fascinating upcoming episodes will include:

  • The story of a building contractor named Frank Thorogood, who confessed to the murder of Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones, whose drowning had been ruled an accident.
  • A deathbed confession by serial killer Ottis Toole, who was in the midst of serving 5 life sentences for 6 confirmed murders when he died. As he lay dying from cirrhosis in his jail cell, Toole claimed that he had murdered 6-year-old Adam Walsh in 1981. True crime followers are well-versed in the story of Adam, and how his horrific death inspired his father John Walsh to create the series America’s Most Wanted.

Check out the exclusive trailer for Deathbed Confessions here:

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