Halloween Kills to release same day in theaters and on streaming

Halloween Kills one sheet - Courtesy of Blumhouse
Halloween Kills one sheet - Courtesy of Blumhouse /

Changes are ahead for the long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Halloween. Halloween Kills is getting a new distribution plan, although the release date will stay the same. According to a new report from Deadline, Halloween Kills will now release same-day on streaming and in theaters.

This move is not dissimilar to the recent announcement that the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film would skip movie theaters altogether and release directly on Netflix. In that case, Leatherface is not getting a traditional cinematic run as far as we know, while Halloween Kills still is.

The decision is a little surprising considering the recent opening of Marvel’s Shang-Chi performed well for a pandemic release, making more than $106 million. Deadline reports that Universal’s decision comes down to wanting to “eventize” the sequel, “not only in theaters but on the studio’s pay tier level of its streaming service.”

What that means is you will need to pay for a premium Peacock subscription as the film will not be available on the free tier. It’s not clear if you will need to pay for the ad-free version or not, although it is likely, as on HBO Max, to watch the new releases, you need to pay for the most expensive subscription.

Rumors claimed that the move resulted from not wanting to compete with Venom: Let There Be Carnage, but the Venom sequel has now moved. Plus, the outlet says that was never an incentive anyways. Apparently, Universal was happy with the way Boss Baby 2 performed on the service and wants to try that again with Halloween Kills.

Where can you stream Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills will be available to stream on Peacock starting on October 15, and you’ll also be able to see it in theaters on the same day if you prefer the big screen experience.

Will Halloween Kills be on Netflix?

At this time, it does not seem likely that the latest Michael Myers film will be on Netflix, which is a direct competitor to Universal’s streaming service, Peacock.

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Halloween Kills releases same-day in theaters and on Peacock October 15.