Night Teeth trailer, release date, synopsis, and more

Night Teeth - Courtesy of Netflix
Night Teeth - Courtesy of Netflix /

Are you a fan of all things that go bump in the night? Netflix has a new blood-sucking film for you to sink your teeth into this October as part of the Netflix and Chills lineup for 2021. In Night Teeth, a pair of deadly vampires get a chauffeur to bring them around Los Angeles as they get embroiled in a rift between vampire tribes and the protectors of humans.

Find out all of the details about Night Teeth below, including the release date, synopsis, cast and you can watch the official trailer which Netflix just dropped earlier today!

Are you a fan of vampire movies? What are your favorites? Do you think you’ll watch this new one from Netflix? It’s coming out in time for Halloween so it should fit in perfectly with the seasonal mood. Also, for Megan Fox fans, keep an eye out for her in this movie!

Night Teeth release date

The global release date for this vampire flick is Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Like all Netflix Originals and new content, the film will release on the streaming service at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET.

Night Teeth
Night Teeth key art – Courtesy of Netflix /

Night Teeth synopsis

To make some extra cash, Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) takes on an extra job as a chauffeur. He is recruited to drive two mysterious women (Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry) around town, unaware that they have an insatiable bloodlust. Soon Benny finds himself roped into their dangerous lifestyle and his life is threatened when they turn their sights on him.

As the night unravels, Benny gets caught up in a fight between rival vampire tribes and the protectors of the human world led by Benny’s brother (Raúl Castillo). As sunrise fast approaches, Benny has to choose between fear and temptation to stay alive and save the City of Angels.

Night Teeth cast

Apart from Lendeborg Jr., Ryan, Fry and Castillo, the film also stars Alfie Allen, Alexander Ludwig, Sydney Sweeney and Megan Fox.

Night Teeth trailer

Sink your teeth into the official trailer below!

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