Dead & Beautiful: Spoiled young adults turn to bloodshed for fun

Anna Marchenko as Anastasia - Dead & Beautiful - Photo Credit: Shudder
Anna Marchenko as Anastasia - Dead & Beautiful - Photo Credit: Shudder /

Are you a fan of all things vampires? Then Shudder’s latest acquired film should appeal to you. Dead & Beautiful is a slick, stylish thriller about spoiled, wealthy twenty-somethings who find blood more appealing than elite parties and popping champagne bottles.

What happens when a group of five rich, Asian young adults becomes bored with their lives filled with excess? They try to find something exciting to stimulate themselves. In this case, the five friends create the “Circle,” where each member is tasked with creating a unique, inventive game for everyone to play. But after a wild night, they wake up with fangs and an unquenchable thirst for blood and flesh.

David Verbeek writes and directs Dead & Beautiful, produced by Erik Glijinis and Leontine Petit of Lemming Films. It is a co-production of House on Fire International, Nukleus Film and Woods of Light Film.

It’s been a solid few months for vampire fans with the recent season of American Horror Story featuring a take on the lore, Netflix’s Night Teeth releasing in October, the announcement of a Let the Right One In series coming to Showtime and now Shudder’s upcoming film Dead & Beautiful.

Who stars in Dead & Beautiful?

Gijs Blom (Boys, The Letter for the King) stars alongside Yen Tsao and Aviis Zhong (Secret). Newcomers Anna Marchenko and Philip Juan round out the cast.

When does Dead & Beautiful release on Shudder?

Even though Dead & Beautiful is playing this weekend on September 25 at the Austin, Texas Fantastic Fest, it will not release in October as part of Shudder’s epic 61 Days of Halloween lineup.

The psychological thriller is currently slated for release on Thursday, November 4, in North America, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. At least now we have something to look forward to in November when other networks and streaming services are focusing on nothing but Christmas.

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