Celebrity Exorcism: Jodie Sweetin, Shar Jackson & Metta World Peace go to paranormal boot camp

Celebrity Exorcism key art - Courtesy of Tubi TV
Celebrity Exorcism key art - Courtesy of Tubi TV /

Have you ever been ghost-hunting, visited a psychic, or considered learning more about the realm of the paranormal? That’s the concept behind the new two-hour Tubi TV Original, Celebrity Exorcism, where three celebrities embark on a terrifying journey through multiple haunted locations.

Led by celebrity exorcist Rachel Stavis, Jodie Sweetin, Metta World Peace and Shar Jackson are invited to join Stavis for an unforgettable experience involving multiple haunted locations. Among the group, Sweetin (Full House, Fuller House) is easily the most excited by the prospect of communing with the dead, or “entities,” as Stavis calls them.

Sweetin is a fan of all things creepy and enjoys going ghost-hunting with her friends on occasion. Jackson (Moesha) and NBA legend World Peace are far more skeptical of what to expect on this journey.

Celebrity Exorcism
CELEBRITY EXORCISM: L-R: Shar Jackson, Metta World Peace and Jodi Sweetin in CELEBRITY EXORCISM streaming Friday, Oct. 22 on TUBI. /

If you’re a fan of paranormal investigative shows like Ghost Adventures, then Celebrity Exorcism should be right up your alley. It’s especially interesting for anyone intrigued by how your personal emotional and mental state can influence your experience with the world around you.

All three celebrities have different obstacles, challenges, or connections to the dead that they have to overcome or harness to understand how to cleanse a specific space. When they arrive at a designated location, they’re left in the dark when it comes to what exactly they’ll be doing as the journey begins.

Celebrity Exorcism: A trio of celebrities help an exorcist cleanse a dark space

By the end of the two-hour special, we get to see Sweetin, World Peace, and Jackson go to a dark place haunted by a “neutral presence” named Nancy and several ghostly nuns. These entities need help from Stavis and her newly coached team to cleanse the malevolent entities.

If you watch carefully, you might even see some activity on-screen. Stavis claims that there was a lot of stuff not even captured on-camera!

With Halloween coming up this weekend, Celebrity Exorcism is the perfect special to put you into a spooky mood. For those who have wondered what exorcists actually do, the special will give you an idea and introduce you to a fascinating world beyond our own.

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Celebrity Exorcism is now streaming on Tubi.