Dexter: New Blood and 9 horror movies and shows releasing this week

(L-R): Julia Jones as Angela and Michael C. Hall as Dexter in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Julia Jones as Angela and Michael C. Hall as Dexter in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME. /

Halloween might be over but that doesn’t mean we have to stop watching horror movies! It’s the first week of November and there are several exciting horror movies and shows releasing on-demand and streaming from November 1-7.

Perhaps the most exciting thing coming out this week is the highly-anticipated Dexter revival, which will see the return of Dexter Morgan, our favorite serial killer. The revival is also set to feature the return of dead characters like Deb Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) and the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), although we don’t know what capacity they’re back in yet.

Keep reading to find out what other movies you can look forward to watching this week!

9 horror movies and shows releasing this week

Dexter: New Blood

The biggest release coming this week is easily the upcoming Dexter revival, titled Dexter: New Blood. Set 10 years after that unfortunate “series” finale, this new iteration finds Dexter living a relatively quiet life in the fictional Iron Lake, New York. He has a new identity as a local shopkeeper and a relationship with the police chief. But will a string of local incidents cause Dexter’s “dark passenger” to rear its ugly head once more?

Dexter: New Blood premieres Sunday, Nov. 7 on Showtime at 9/8c.

Dead & Beautiful

Shudder’s newest original film Dead & Beautiful follows five rich, spoiled Asian young adults bored with their privileged lifestyles. Seeking adventure, they join a mysterious group known as the “Circle.” Participants are tasked with creating increasing bold and daring tasks for the others to do, resulting in a wild night out. They wake up the next morning with an insatiable taste for blood and flesh.

Dead & Beautiful streams Thursday, Nov. 4 on Shudder.

Catching Killers

Netflix further cements itself as the best place for true crime content with this new docuseries about the investigators behind some of the country’s most harrowing crimes and serial killers.

Catching Killers streams Thursday, Nov. 4 on Netflix.


Like Catching Killers, Yara also has true crime origins, although it is a fictional retelling based on real events. Yara is about the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl and the desperate lengths one prosecutor will go to find out what happened to her.

Yara streams Friday, Nov. 5 on Netflix.


After the mysterious death of her husband, child psychologist Marianne Walker relocates to Scotland where she starts seeing a new patient. This 10-year-old child claims that their drawings can control the future. When his terrifying sketches start coming true, Marianne sinks into an obsession that could derail her life.

Marionette is available on-demand on cable, Amazon, & Vimeo on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Lantern’s Lane

A group of teenagers return to Lantern’s Lane, the place of a supposed urban legend, and must fight for their lives if they hope to survive the night.

Lantern’s Lane is available in select theaters and on-demand on Friday, Nov. 5.

The Beta Test

A married Hollywood agent receives a sinister letter from a previous sexual encounter and becomes ensnared in a world of infidelity, lying, blackmail, and more.

The Beta Test is releasing on-demand this Friday, Nov. 5.


Based in a future where a deadly disease has ravaged the world, Isolation is comprised of nine films of terror to create an anthology. These tales of terror are made by different filmmakers from around the world.

Isolation releases on-demand Friday, Nov. 5.

The Deep House

The Deep House is a new French horror movie that will be released this week in the United States. You’ve heard of haunted houses but have you ever heard of a haunted house at the bottom of the sea? When a couple goes on an underwater expedition to explore a house underwater, they accidentally awaken a dark spirit haunting the premises.

The Deep House will start streaming on EPIX and on-demand on Friday, Nov. 5.

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