Final Stranger Things season 4 teaser sets the stage for a California showdown

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

We’re going to have the best spring break ever…supposedly. That’s the promise made by the fourth and final Stranger Things season 4 teaser trailer, which shows Eleven trying to get by in California.

Netflix has a full day of activities planned for the celebratory Stranger Things Day. Keep track of everything by following along on the official show Twitter and Instagram pages. The first major release of the day is the new teaser.

Prior to this one, we’ve had three other teasers showcasing things like the mysterious Creel House, which appears to be a significant location in the upcoming season. We also saw a teaser that hinted at what Hopper is going through in Russia and one that gave us a glimpse of the ominous HNL control room.

Stranger Things Season 4 will reunite Eleven and Mike over spring break

The latest trailer starts with Eleven penning a letter to Mike. It has been 185 days since she moved across the country to California with the Byers family, including Will and Joyce. We get to see a glimpse of all of them in the teaser, including Mike. It’s crazy to see how much they’ve all grown up since the first season!

But while Eleven claims everything is going great for her in California, the actual footage proves otherwise. It doesn’t look like she’s managed to make many friends and is actually the target of bullying, with at least one kid aiming a spitball at her face in the classroom. I take it Eleven still doesn’t have her powers back, or she could have put a stop to all that pretty efficiently.

The teaser also shows that it’s just one day until spring break when she’ll finally get to see Mike again. Considering California is the primary location in this season, we can guess that Mike will travel to see her. It wouldn’t make much sense for Eleven to return to Hawkins after everything she did to escape! It remains to be seen how Dustin, Max and Lucas will factor in. Likely, the group will visit her and Will together for the holiday.

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