When does the Ragdoll series premiere in the UK?

Lucy Hale as DC Lake Edmunds - Ragdoll _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Luke Varley/Sid Gentle/BBC/AMC
Lucy Hale as DC Lake Edmunds - Ragdoll _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Luke Varley/Sid Gentle/BBC/AMC /

Are you looking for the Ragdoll series release date in the UK? What about where to watch Ragdoll in the UK? We’ve got you covered with the details.

Do you like crime thriller series like Luther, Killing Eve, The Killing and The Fall? Ragdoll should be right up your alley. A new serial killer drama based on the Daniel Cole novel of the same name, Ragdoll is a compelling, addictive and spine-tingling tale about a ruthless killer who creates the horrifying “Ragdoll” creation.

The “Ragdoll” comprises six body parts taken from the killer’s six murder victims. And he’s not done yet. When the show begins, we also find out that the killer has released a hit list containing the names of six more victims, and the detectives must try to save them all before the murderer strikes again.  Ragdoll stars Lucy Hale, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Ali Cook and Thalissa Teixeira.

Watch this behind-the-scenes featurette showing how the Ragdoll was made.

Ragdoll series release date UK

As a co-production between AMC Studios and Sid Gentle Films, Ragdoll will eventually be released in the UK. The series is being distributed by BBC Studios, which guarantees a UK release. The show just recently premiered in America on the AMC+ streaming service, which AMC owns. It came out on Thursday, November 11, and new episodes will release weekly.

Currently, the release date for Ragdoll in the UK has not been announced but is expected to be soon. It’s likely that the show will come out within a few weeks of the American airing, so probably sometime in December or January at the latest.

Where to watch Ragdoll series in UK

You will be able to watch Ragdoll on the Alibi TV channel when it does eventually debut. Alibi broadcasts throughout the UK and Ireland and has been the home of several popular television series over the years, including Luther, Major Crimes, Miss Marple, Unforgettable and more.

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