Five must-watch thrillers streaming on AMC+ right now

Regine De Lazzaris as Greta - Anna _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: AMC+
Regine De Lazzaris as Greta - Anna _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: AMC+ /

Are you looking for a new thriller series to sink your teeth into? A relatively young and lesser-known service, AMC Plus (or AMC+) offers a variety of excellent content from films to documentaries to television shows.

Not only does AMC Plus allow you to watch your favorite AMC shows (like The Walking Dead and its many spinoffs) on-demand and ad-free, but you also gain access to new shows and movies from IFC Films Unlimited, Shudder and Sundance Now.

If you need some ideas of what to watch, the following list recommends a few fantastic and thrilling series streaming right now, in addition to a few that are coming out soon!

Five must-watch thrillers streaming on AMC+ right now

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Henry Lloyd-Hughes as DS Nathan Rose, Thalissa Teixeira as DI Emily Baxter – Ragdoll _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Sam Taylor/AMC /


Based on the best-selling crime novel of the same name by Daniel Cole, Ragdoll is a new series starring Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale. Based in London, a group of detectives makes a grisly discovery in the grotesque form of a “Ragdoll,” which turns out to be a human-like figure comprised of six body parts from six different victims. The detectives must discern each victim’s identity and stop the serial killer before he can strike again.

The first two episodes are now streaming, with new episodes releasing exclusively on AMC Plus every Thursday.

Hollington Drive

Theresa and Helen find their lives horribly altered when something horrific happens during a seemingly normal family afternoon. Cousins Ben and Ava go off to play, and then a chain of unforeseen events is set into motion with Ben disappearing and the adults left to do whatever it takes to find him.

New episodes of Hollington Drive stream on Thursdays.


Anna hits close to home in 2021, as this Italian dystopian drama series is about the deadly Red Virus that has ravaged the world and causes people to die when they hit puberty. Anna has received great reviews from critics and the six-part series is out now on AMC Plus.

New episodes of Anna stream on Thursdays.

The North Water

Starring Colin Farrell and Jack O’Connell, The North Water is based on the popular novel of the same name by Ian McGuire. The story revolves around a disgraced ex-army surgeon signing up to be a ship’s doctor for a whaling expedition to the Arctic. But while on-bard, he meets a brutish harpooner that might also be a murderous psychopath.

All five episodes of The North Water are now streaming. 

Eli Roth’s History of Horror

With two seasons available now and a third season on the way, Eli Roth’s History of Horror series is a must-watch for genre fans. Eli Roth hosts this compelling show and interviews many of the masters of horror who have defined the genre over the past several decades, including Robert Englund, Stephen King, Jordan Peele, Linda Blair, Jamie Lee Curtis and more. Each episode focuses on a different theme.

Both seasons are streaming now on AMC Plus.

Coming soon to AMC Plus

  • Firebite, original vampire series premiering on Thursday, December 16
  • Silent Night, new thriller film releasing on Friday, December 3

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