Chucky season 2: Has SYFY renewed Chucky for another season yet?

CHUCKY -- "Cape Queer" Episode 106 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY/USA Network)
CHUCKY -- "Cape Queer" Episode 106 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY/USA Network) /

Given the significant success of the Chucky TV series on SYFY, it’s no surprise fans are clamoring for Chucky season 2. Has SYFY renewed the series yet? The new series has become a massive hit for SYFY and USA Network, where it airs simultaneously under the NBCUniversal umbrella.

Created as both a sequel and a soft reboot of the iconic Child’s Play/Chucky movie franchise, the Chucky television series is set in Hackensack, New Jersey, the hometown of infamous serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Ray was at the center of the original movies after using a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a red-haired, freckle-faced Good Guy doll, thus beginning the legend of “Chucky.”

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, Chucky was designed to be accessible to all fans. It connects to Cult of Chucky (2017) as a direct sequel but was written in a way that gently introduces people who haven’t seen the movies previously.

The eight-episode first season is set to wrap its freshman run tomorrow, November 30, with a special 90-minute episode. But what we all want to know is whether or not the story will end with the finale or if the show is going to return.

Is Chucky season 2 officially happening?

Yes, 1428 Elm has learned that Chucky season 2 has been picked up by SYFY. Deadline confirmed the news along with several other publications. NBCUniversal claims the show has netted an astounding 9.5 million viewers across all platforms throughout its first season. More fans will be able to watch the show starting December 1 when season 1 becomes available to stream via Peacock TV.

When will Chucky season 2 premiere?

We do not have an official airdate yet, but SYFY has revealed that fans can expect the sophomore season to premiere in 2022. I’m assuming they will aim for a similar release date in October as it fits for the Halloween season and fall television season, in general.

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