Do you like scary docs? Discovery+ releasing Scream: The True Story

Scream the True Story, Shock Docs - Courtesy of discovery+
Scream the True Story, Shock Docs - Courtesy of discovery+ /

With the new Scream film set to release on January 14, discovery+ has picked the perfect time to debut its next episode of Shock Docs. Scream: The True Story will also release on January 14, and it takes an in-depth look at the real-life murders that inspired the film.

Danny Rolling, also known as The Gainesville Ripper committed five gruesome murders over a four-day period in 1990. All of the victims were students, and four of them were attending the University of Florida. A year prior, he had committed a triple murder in Louisiana, which he confessed to later.

The discovery+ documentary includes a close look at the life of Rolling and includes a paranormal investigation as well. The killer believed he was possessed by a demon, and was executed in 2006. There are rumors that his evil spirit still lurks in the area of the campsite he used in Gainesville, and paranormal investigator Steve Shippy, along with psychic medium Cindy Kaza team up in Scream: The True Story to investigate the claims. In addition to investigating the campsite, they also explored Rolling’s childhood home.

Kaza claims that this was “one of the most intense and challenging experiences” she has ever had, and Shippy described “a malicious, devious energy coming at us from every angle.” A demonologist was called in to perform an exorcism.

Ghostface in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group’s “Scream.” Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group. /

Discovery+ looks at how these horrific true crimes played a part in the creation of Scream.

Writer Kevin Williamson was inspired to write a screenplay he originally called Scary Movie after watching a news story about the Gainesville Ripper. Scream, of course, has been credited with revitalizing slasher films with its 1996 release and will have spawned four sequels when the new film makes its debut.

Discovery+ made the wise decision to create the new doc, as it combines the furor over the new Scream film with the ongoing true crime craze and the streaming platform’s paranormal content. If you are not already a subscriber, visit the website to receive a free 7-day trial subscription.

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