Texas Chainsaw Massacre ending explained: Who survives to the end?

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Elsie Fisher as Lila, Sarah Yarkin as Melody, Nell Hudson as Ruth and Jacob Latimore as Dante. Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2021 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix
TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Elsie Fisher as Lila, Sarah Yarkin as Melody, Nell Hudson as Ruth and Jacob Latimore as Dante. Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2021 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix /

The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre has finally been released on Netflix and fans of the franchise are rushing to watch the latest movie. This time around, a group of newcomers travels to the remote Texas town of Harlow in the hopes of re-energizing the place. Most of the locals don’t take kindly to a group of gentrifying influencers, so they do meet some pushback, specifically in the form of the deadly slasher Leatherface.

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains heavy spoilers for Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

An unfortunate chain of events started by the newcomers causes Leatherface’s adopted mother to die, and he takes his revenge on the entire town and all of the visitors. Not many people survive until the very end and there are some pretty big twists and turns along the way. Let’s discuss the ending!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre ending: Who is the new final girl?

Leatherface is not messing around in the 2022 film. He leaves virtually no survivors in his wake, just one single final girl remains at the end in an excellent homage to the 1974 classic. None of the new characters make it out alive except for Lila.

At the end of the movie, it looks like sisters Lila and Melody are actually going to survive to live another day, but then in a shocking twist, Leatherface appears out of nowhere and rips Melody out of the car.

Having just put the vehicle on autopilot mode, Lila is helpless to stop the killer as he uses his chainsaw to decapitate Mel as Lila is escorted out of Harlow by her self-driving car. It’s just like the end of the original film with Lila taking Sally’s place. Leatherface even does his fancy chainsaw tricks as he watches Lila escape.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre ending: Does Sally Hardesty survive?

No, sadly Sally doesn’t make it out alive this time around. She comes to Harlow to kill Leatherface and get revenge for all of her friends, but Leatherface bests her. Sally gets a brutal chainsaw death, although she does get a few shots off on Leatherface. Just before dying, Sally gives Lila a little pep talk (and a gun), advising her to follow Leatherface into the abandoned movie theater and finish things once and for all, lest she be haunted for the rest of her life.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre ending: Does Leatherface survive?

As you might have guessed by the tone of this article, yes, Leatherface does survive. After Lila and Melody chase him into the cinema they get into a final showdown with the chainsaw-wielding murderer. It actually looks like they defeat him as Lila shoots him multiple times in the chest and Leatherface falls back into a pit of water.

But as we all know, these types of slashers are nearly impossible to kill. Melody and Lila make it back to their car, assuming Leatherface is dead and gone. But he reappears at the last second and manages to rip Melody out of the car and decapitate her, leaving Lila as the final girl.

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