Shudder originals coming in May: zombies, found footage and more

The Found Footage Phenomenon - Courtesy AMC/Shudder
The Found Footage Phenomenon - Courtesy AMC/Shudder /

As Shudder winds down its Halfway to Halloween celebration, they have announced a sweet schedule for May, and it includes some pretty tasty original programming.

Horror fans lucky enough to see Taiwanese film The Sadness at film festivals have positively gushed about it, and that seems to be the bloody jewel in the crown for original films hitting the streamer in May.

A couple of Shudder original series are continuing their newest seasons as well, with Cursed Films II digging into one of the most controversial films of all, and Joe Bob Briggs and his pals returning for season four of The Last Drive-In.

Without any further delay, let’s see what we have to look forward to on Shudder in May.

May 5:

Cursed Films II – The season finale of the popular Shudder docu-series takes a close look at one of the most talked-about controversial horror films of all time, Cannibal Holocaust. The filmmakers take a trip to Roma, Italy to speak with writer/director Ruggero Deodato about the creation of Cannibal Holocaust, and about how he ended up charged with a murder that didn’t even happen. Cast and crew members are also interviewed, and give details about the challenging and demanding film shoot.

May 6:

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs – Season 4 continues after its April 29 premier on Shudder, with popular drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs, cohost Darcy the Mail Girl and the rest of the crew. A surprise double feature is shown each Friday, and Shudder says the new season will feature “a wide array of fan favorites, obscure cult oddities and surprise guests.”

The Twin – Rachel and Anthony (played by Teresa Palmer and Steven Cree, both of whom appeared in A Discovery of Witches) move across the world in an effort to deal with the grief of losing one of their twin sons in an accident. Just as they are settling into life in the idyllic Scandinavian countryside, Rachel starts to suspect that a malevolent force is after their surviving son.

The Sadness – courtesy AMC/Shudder /

May 12:

The Sadness – This Taiwanese zombie film shocked and thrilled audiences at Fantasia and Fantastic Fest. As violent rage-filled zombies rampage on the streets of Taipei, a young couple attempts to reunite amidst the chaos.

May 19:

The Found Footage Phenomenon – A fascinating documentary that dives into the early origins of found footage-style films, The Found Footage Phenomenon includes interviews with iconic genre directors. While many different films are focused on in the Shudder documentary, special attention will be paid to films such as Paranormal Activity, The McPherson Tape, and, of course, The Blair Witch Project.

May 26:

A Banquet – Holly is a widow with two teenaged daughters, Betsey and Isabelle. While at a party one night, Betsey feels an unseen force calling her to go into the woods. Afterwards, she claims that her body is not her own any longer, but is instead a vessel for a higher power. As Betsey stops eating, Holly struggles to either believe her daughter’s strange story, or to accept that she simply has an eating disorder.

So, there you have it: the original films and series you can stream on Shudder in May. Of course, there will be many more films added for your viewing pleasure, keep your eyes on 1428 Elm for the full schedule coming soon.

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Which of Shudder’s original films and series are you the most excited to watch in May? Share your feelings in the comments section.