The Ghost Brothers return with Jack Osborne for another round of Fright Club

Fright Club w / Ghost Brothers and Jack Osbourne in Los Angeles Courtesy discovery+
Fright Club w / Ghost Brothers and Jack Osbourne in Los Angeles Courtesy discovery+ /

The Ghost Brothers and Jack Osbourne are back for another season of Fright Club on Travel Channel and discovery+. The series features paranormal videos, as Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers (Juwan Mass, Marcus Harvey and Dalen Spratt) attempt to outdo one another with the scariest, creepiest videos they can round up.

The 10-episode season rolls out on Thursday, June 30 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Travel Channel, which is bringing viewers a lot of new paranormal content this year. New episodes debut each Thursday, and will be available to stream the same day on discovery+.

As the paranormal videos are discussed, witnesses will be interviewed, and the hosts will talk to historians, psychics and the like to get as much info as possible. Then a vote takes place to see who takes home the Golden Boo award statue.

Featured guests this season on Fright Club will include Tommy Davidson, Howie Mandel, McKayla Maroney, Montel Williams, Jay Mewes, Jamie Kennedy and Richard Lawson.

Fright Club
Hero shot of The Ghost Brothers Marcus Harvey (left), Dalen Spratt (center), & Juwan Mass (right) for the investigation on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX as seen on Travel Channel. Courtesy Travel Channel /

The Ghost Brothers’ Harvey promises that lots of laughs will be mixed in with the frights, saying, “The jokes and wild videos are coming in hot. The fellas are playing for keeps this year.”

Episode Guide for season two of Fright Club on Travel Channel:

Episode 1: How to Die in a Horror Film (June 30) – The focus is on cursed artifacts, and Howie Mandel pops in to talk about a paranormal experience of his own.

Episode 2: Spies in the Sky (July 7) – Tommy Davidson joins in on the fun as Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers discuss an avian conspiracy theory.

Episode 3: Bigfoot Got Back (July 14) – Bigfoot is the topic of this episode of Fright Club.

Episode 4: Ghostin’ for the Gold (July 21) – Gold Medalist McKayla Maroney is the special guest, and the videos include a scary baby.

Episode 5: Little Prop of Horrors (July 28) – Actor Richard Lawson and the gang get up close and personal with a supposedly cursed horror movie prop.

Episode 6: Demon Cyclone (August 4) – A video featuring a UFO in South Africa is featured, and Jay Mewes presents video footage of the Beast of Gum Hill.

Episode 7: Cat Caller (August 11) – Cats are discussed, along with a soda can that apparently mutters threatening phrases. Jamie Kennedy stops by with a clip of space invaders.

Episode 8: Ghosting With the Stars (August 18) – Footage of a UFO in Florida is featured, and the guys train a frightened security guard on how to hunt ghosts.

Episode 9: The Nightmare Shift (August 25) – It’s all about skinwalkers, poltergeists and ghosts in this episode, as a security guard shares his own experience.

Episode 10: Ghost Streakers (September 1) – Up for discussion are a shadow person seen lurking around an abandoned (and haunted) hospital and a ghostly football fan. Montel Williams counsels couples who have been affected by haunting activity.

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