Here are the true crime series coming to ID in 2022-2023

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights - Courtesy ID
Murder Under the Friday Night Lights - Courtesy ID /

ID and discovery+ just released the massive lists of specials and series coming to the true crime network in the next year. We already discussed the upcoming specials, which are mostly updates on true crime cases from the 1990s, so now let’s take a look at the new series and reboots coming to ID this year:

Disappeared – The popular podcast will now be available as a television series, which examines missing person cases.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry – ID’s iconic series returns with more tales of not-so-happily-ever-after stories. It examines what happens when victims are lured into romantic relationships by manipulative, charming criminals. The results are always devastating, and often fatal.

Wild Wicked West – When murder occurs in a remote area with no CCTV and no witnesses, the cases are extra hard to solve. Wild Wicked West takes a look at murder in the western US, where the investigations often have to go old school.

ID’s true crime series asks how well we really know our neighbors

Murderer Next Door – “He was just a normal, quiet guy.” Some variation of that phrase has been uttered many times by people who wake up one morning to find out that the quiet guy next door just committed murder. These shocked neighbors are the focus of this series, which digs in to see what might have been missed.

In Pursuit with John Walsh – Walsh became incredibly passionate about tracking down missing children after his own son Adam was kidnapped and murdered in 1981. His true crime television series have aided in the apprehension of multiple child predators, and in the fourth season of his current show, he is joined by his son Callahan. Together, the two give details to their audience about unsolved violent crimes, in the hopes of finally getting justice for the families.

On the Case with Paula Zahn – Zahn travels across the country in order to talk to people directly affected by various crimes. As the featured cases amp up to their conclusions, Paula involves eyewitnesses and experts in her discussion.

True Crime
People Magazine Investigates – Courtesy ID /

People Magazine Investigates – The ripped-from-the-headlines true crime series is back for a sixth season, getting to the heart of cases we think we know all about. But as People‘s seasoned journalists show us, there is always more to learn.

American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda – Kenda has an impressive 92% solve rate, and his career was covered during the nine seasons of ID’s series Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda. Now he returns to honor other men and women in law enforcement. Each episode will feature a different hard-working, justice seeking detective.

Reasonable Doubt – Chris Anderson and defense attorney Fatima Silva re-open the books on murder cases that were controversial. Their goal is to make sure the right person was apprehended and that an innocent person is not serving time. During this season, 10 cases will be reviewed, and 10 families will be given Anderson’s and Silva’s results.

Undercover Underage – Roo Powell is the founder of SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse), an organization that works to prevent online child sex abuse and exploitation, and she lends her expertise to this true crime series. Powell poses as an underage decoy online, then helps bust child predators. Each episode follows Roo and her team in real-time as she pretends to be a teen, then works to find out the real identities of the predators who interact with her.

Evil Lives Here – Can you imagine what it would feel like if someone you loved and thought you knew well turned out to be guilty of a horrifying crime? This series features people who have been put in exactly that situation, and explores the trauma and pain that come after.

Body Cam – As true crime followers know, law enforcement often use body cameras, and the footage is sometimes used to determine whether or not they acted appropriately. Some of that footage is shown in this series, allowing viewers to experience those split second life-and-death scenarios and decisions.

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights – Nothing says small town America like a good old-fashioned Friday night high school football game. But, sometimes a horrific crime shatters that perfect picture, and the small town has to suffer for it.

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